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As promised in their Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer, Arc System Works just dropped the new trailer for the upcoming new Guilty Gear at CEOtaku 2019. Check it out:

In the last trailer, we were teased with a glimpse of a grown up May and now we finally get to see her in action. The anchor-wielding member of the Jellyfish air pirates maintains her ability to summon various sea creatures including a dolphin, a seal, and an orca.

The next trailer will be unveiled at SEA Major 2019 Singapore and it will show off time traveler Axl Low who has finally ditched the shorts from Xrd REV 2 for a pair of jeans and an overall more stylish look. Is Arc System Works consulting someone from H&M? If they are, it’s a great decision.

The SEA Major 2019 Singapore will be happening from 12 to 13 October 2019 so stay tuned!

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