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Esports has grown so big that even non-gamers and the mainstream media can no longer ignore how far esports has come. Just recently, we had LCS 2019 match between SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports becoming the most-watched esports event in history with almost four million concurrent viewers.

With numbers like that, there’s no doubt that some esports organisations have grown to become extremely profitable to the point that they’re comparable to traditional sports franchises such as football, basketball, and others. Thanks to a recent report by Forbes, we now have a list of the 13 most valuable esports organisations in the world.

Let’s take a look at them:

13. OverActive Media

Image from Toronto Ultra’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$120 million

Estimated revenue: US$5 million

Franchise leagues: OWL – Toronto Defiant, CDL – Toronto Ultra, LEC – Splyce

Non-francise teams: Fortnite, Smite, StarCraft II

12. Misfits Gaming

Image from Florida Mayhem flickr page.

Value: US$120 million

Estimate revenue: US$8 million

Franchise leagues: OWL – Florida Mayhem, CDL – Florida Mutineers, LEC – Misfits Gaming

Non-franchise teams: Fortnite, Marvel vs. Capcom, Clash Royale

11. NRG Esports

Image from SF Shock’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$150 million

Estimated revenue: US$20 million

Franchise leagues: OWL – San Fransisco Shock, CDL – Chicago Huntsmen

Non-franchise teams: Fortnite, Rocket League, Clash Royale, Smash, Apex, Gears of War, Dragon Ball Fighterz

10. 100 Thieves

Image from 100 Thieves’ official Twitter page.

Value: US$70 million

Estimated revenue: US$10 million

Franchise leagues: LCS – 100 Thieves

Non-franchise teams: Counter Strike, Fortnite

9. G2 Esports

Image from G2 Esports’ official Twitter page.

Value: US$165 million

Estimated revenue: US$22 million

Franchise leagues: LEC – G2

Non-franchise teams: CS:GO, R6, RL, PUBG, Apex, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Sim Racing

8. Envy Gaming

Image from Dallas Fuel’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$170 million

Estimated revenue: US$8 million

Franchise leagues: OWL – Dallas Fuel, CDL – Dallas Empire

Non-franchise teams: Overwatch Contenders, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Paladins, Super Smash Bros

7. Fnatic

Image from Fnatic’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$175 million

Estimated revenue: US$16 million

Franchise leagues: LEC – Fnatic

Non-franchise teams: CS:Go, Dota 2, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Apex, Clash Royale, Rules of Survival, Street Fighter V

6. Gen.G

Image from Seoul Dynasty’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$185 million

Estimated revenue: US$9 million

Franchise leagues: LCK – Gen.G, OWL – Seoul Dynasty, NBA 2KL – Shanghai

Non-franchise teams: Overwatch Contenders, Fortnite (Team Bumble), PUBG, Apex Legends, Clash Royale

5. Immortals Gaming Club

Image from LA Valiant’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$210 million

Estimated revenue: US$11 million

Franchise leagues: LCS – Immortals, OWL – Los Angeles Valiant, CDL – OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Non-franchise teams: Clash Royale, CS:GO, Rainbow Six

4. FaZe Clan

Image taken from FaZe Clan’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$240 million

Estimated revenue: US$35 million

Franchise leagues: None

Non-franchise teams: CS:GO, PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, FIFA

3. Team Liquid

Photo from John Bakharev of Game Playing.

Value: US$320 million

Estimated revenue: US$24 million

Franchise leagues: LCS – Team Liquid

Non-franchise teams: CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft2, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Clash Royale, PUBG, Apex, Hearthstone, Smash Melee, Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Tekken, Quake, Team Fight Tactics

2. Team SoloMid

Image from TSM’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$400 million

Estimated revenue: US$35 million

Franchise leagues: LCS – Team Solomid

Non-franchise teams: League of Legends Academy, PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Smash, Overwatch, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Magic: The Gathering, Rainbow Six Siege, Teamfight Tactics

1. Cloud9

Image from Cloud9’s official Twitter page.

Value: US$400 million

Estimated revenue: US$29 million

Franchise league: LCS – Cloud9, OWL – London Spitfire

Non-franchise teams: CS:Go, Fortnite, Hearthstone, PUBG, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Teamfight Tactics, WoW

Didn’t see your favourite team or company on the list? Well, there’s a good chance that they might make it into the list next year because as we can all see, esports is going to continue to grow at a crazy rate. Let’s see what 2020 has in store for us.

Cover photo taken from The International 2019 official Flickr page.

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