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These Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker TV spots just keep on coming and every new one teases us with more cool details that make it really hard to not get excited for the movie. The latest one gives us a glimpse of a group that we’ve all been theorising on since the start of the new trilogy.

The recently released “Fate” TV spot has a two-second shot that shows a group of black-cladded warriors standing menacingly on a rock formation. Based on what we’ve seen in the The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book by Marvel and a behind the scenes photo, these guys are definitely the Knights of Ren. It’s quite easy to spot the weapons that some of them are carrying and they definitely match what’s shown in the comic book.


It’s definitely awesome to finally see the Knights of Ren making their movie debut. As someone who’s been following the new trilogy, my only question is: Why now?

A leaked behind the scenes photo showing J.J. Abrams surrounded by the Knights of Ren. Photo from Vanity Fair.

Kylo Ren still carries the moniker of the group in his Sith name but so far, we’ve never seen him call them for any sort of assistance or even trained with them to further hone his skills in order to defeat Rey. Now that the First Order has been defeated twice by the New Republic, are the Knights of Ren coming out to re-balance the Force?

There’s no doubt that Disney knows how much fans are eager to find out more about the Knights of Ren. It’s not just comic books but there are even toys that already give a good view of the armour and weapons that these Knights are using.

As more questions pile up in the heads of Star Wars fans, so does the hype for the upcoming movie. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be coming to cinemas on 20 December 2019. That’s less than a month away so get hyped!

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