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For you Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players out there yearning for a new character to play as, well, SNK mascot Terry Bogard is now a playable character in the game.

You can either get him via the Fighters Pass or purchase him individually. Also, SSBU Version 6.0.0 is out and has buffs/nerfs for its cast.

So how does the Hungry Wolf play in  SSBU? Let’s break it down:

  • Some of his standard moves are slower than Street  Fighter Ryu’s moves, but he’s still got average speed and heft to his attacks.
  • While his special moves can be done with a  direction + input, you can pull off his Burn Knuckle and Crack Shoot with quarter-circle motions. These versions have better properties and changes compared to the simpler versions.
  • His Super  Special moves can be performed with his trademark inputs if he has a “GO!” icon flashing on his portrait. That will only happen if his damage meter is at 100% or higher.  This is basically a callback to his Desperation Move mechanic back in his Fatal Fury days. Power Geyser is down, side, down, forward + A or B, while Buster Wolf is down, forward, down, forward +A or B.
  • His colour variations also feature different messages on the front part of his cap. Nice touch!


  • There are  SSBU remixes of classic Fatal Fury tracks like  Terry’s “Kirinton” theme from Fatal Fury 2, “London March” from Fatal Fury 2, “Soy Sauce for Geese” from Fatal Fury Special, and “11th Street” from Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. The latter is my personal favourite Terry Bogard theme because of how slick it sounds.
  • The King of Fighters stage that  comes with Terry Bogard introduces a  new SSBU stage mechanic; walls.  When you get hit and fly off to the edge, you’ll bounce back in. If your damage level is past 100%, the wall will break and you’ll fly out. Basically, the stage plays out like a Real Bout FF stage but with Smash mechanics.

Check out the full video below.


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