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[Rumour] Horizon Zero Dawn May Not Be A PS4 Exclusive After All…

We’ve had a lovely time with Guerilla Games’ action-adventure robo-dinosaur hunting title Horizon Zero Dawn, right? Well, if this recent update is of any indication, PS4 owners will be sharing the open-world love with PC gamers in the future.

According to Kotaku and a various number of trusted sources, a PC port of the game is in development. This move may possibly lead to a platform-agnostic future; you know, like the one Xbox has been trying to set up since they announced Xbox Game Pass PC and their Xbox/PC same-time release plans. It’s just that Guerilla Games decide to be in on the action later than usual.

When will this supposed PC port of the game be out on? Try a February 2020 window, which is pretty soon according to one of Kotaku’s sources Anton Logvinov. In fact, he’s the same guy who said that the PC version of Death Stranding is in the works. And guess what engine THAT game is running on? The Decima engine, which is the same thing Guerilla Games is using for all of its projects.

In any case, a PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn would be cool. It IS a pretty awesome game that deserves to run higher than 30fps, after all. And since it’s on sale on PS4 for US$20, it’ll be a steal on either Steam or Epic. But I’d rather get the former version; I love Steam achievements after all.

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