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Last Oasis Basic Guide: How To Survive The Latest Survival Game Wasteland

New survival MMO Last Oasis is back after suffering crippling problems. Interested in checking out its world where nomads flee from the sun with ship-like walking constructs called walkers? Maybe these basic tips will help.

Water is super important

You don’t have to eat in Last Oasis, but you’ll need to consume water, which you can get from cacti, cactus fruits, and aloe. However, that’s not the only thing water is used for.

You’ll also need water to travel from one hex to another and to respawn at your walker. Respawning costs water too, and if your walker’s water runs out, you won’t be able to respawn there.

Be careful where you park your walker

Remember the opening scene in Mortal Engines where several towns are parked in the open, and in the middle of a vast plain to boot, which made them easily spotted by big bad London? Yeah, don’t do that, unless you’re trying to lure other walkers to your location for some reason.

Last Oasis has its share of flat land, but it’s not all flat. Park your walker behind ridges or any other suitable line-of-sight-blocking terrain so that you can avoid unwanted detection.

Watch out for the Sun as well

In Last Oasis‘s Earth, the western lands have been scorched by the Sun, while the lands in the east are covered in ice. Players exist somewhere in between these two extremes,  but as the planet rotates around the Sun, they have to avoid being burned to a crisp.

With this being a core part of Last Oasis, and with the world map letting you know how long you’ve got before your server, or hex, gets burned, it might seem like an easy thing to remember. Still, it’s not something you’d typically see in other survival games, so better be safe than sorry and avoid losing your stuff – and your character – to the weather.

Don’t rush to leave your starter oasis…


You might be itching to venture out after building your first walker, but it’s best to reign in your exploratory urges a bit, at least in regards to travelling out of your starter oasis. You can’t travel between starter oases in the game, so venturing out of yours will leave you no choice but to enter a medium hex, which you may not be ready for.

Plus, you can’t go back to your starter oasis, so if you’d left your walker there you won’t be able to reclaim it.

… but maintain vigilance in the starter oases

Last Oasis‘ PvP gameplay extends to even the starter oases, which means that beginners aren’t exactly safe there. They’re still obviously safer than the other oases, but it would suck if you died from negligence and respawned in a normal difficulty oasis when you’re not yet prepared.

Kill Rupu for resources, but be careful of the stronger ones

Other players aside, you’ll have to contend with monkey-like creatures called Rupu. The most basic Rupu shouldn’t be a problem even for solo newbies, but there are several kinds of Rupu, and some of these are naturally tougher to deal with. Rupu Hazrakis are dangerous warriors, and the White Death even more so, and there are Rupu villages where you will find yourself outnumbered.

Having said that, Rupu and Rupu villages provide you with useful resources, so you should fight them. Just pick your fights wisely, and don’t get too bloodthirsty when you’re just starting out.

Similarly, watch out for crowded oases

This is a PvP game, and the more populated the region, the higher the chances of being ganked, naturally. While you should always be wary of other players and clans no matter the location, you might want to think twice before entering a crowded oasis, unless you’re confident in your skills/walker, or have buddies or a clan to back you up.

Transferring and favourites


To keep your precious walker safe when you logout, you can use the transfer to lobby feature. You’ll have to travel with it to the edge of the map, then simply press “escape” and then “transfer to lobby”.

If you get off the walker, you won’t be transferred along with it. This means that if you have multiple walkers, you can transfer them all this way. Alternatively, you could just focus on getting your main walker to safety, as it’s not too hard to rebuild the lighter ones.

If you’ve got a bunch of medium and large walkers, however, you can favourite up to five walkers so that they’ll be automatically transferred to the east if they get torched by the sun.

There’s also a safe logout option that doesn’t require travelling to an edge, but you’ll need to be stationary and out of combat. After 120 seconds, you and the walker you’re standing on will be logged out safely.

Use safe storage

You can make gear storage to place items in, and you can also build a base that can be packed and unpacked on your walker. Place your chests and crafting stations in those instead of on the walker itself.

Other players can break into your base by reducing your walker to half health, but they’ll need fire bolts. Some say that the fire bolts’ cost and the time it takes for them to break into walkers balance it out, but others reported having their walkers broken into pretty easily. Big clans with sufficient resources will likely have less trouble making fire bolts too.

Be on the lookout

Most walkers can be upgraded with wings, which increases their movement. It also makes them easy to see. Keep an eye out for their tell-tale design, and consider if you want speed or a lower profile for your own walker.

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