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The conclusion to The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel saga is heading its way westward and to Malaysia in English form. As for when, that depends on the platform you plan to play it on.

PS4 owners can expect to get The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV in Fall 2020, while Switch and PC users have to wait till 2021 to get their copies. The limited Switch edition of the game can now be pre-ordered for $99.99 (RM437.55). 

The JRPG has quite the interesting history, as it’s just part of a larger overall series. Aside from Trails of Cold Steel, there are also the Trails in the Sky and Crossbell games. There were other Legend of Heroes games before these, but these three form their own inter-connected series.

Trails of Cold Steel IV is both a conclusion to the Cold Steel games and a big crossover event, with the Steam page boasting that it has the largest roster seen in the series yet. Aside from the Cold Steel games’ Class VII characters, there will also be appearances from Crossbell‘s Special Support Section and the heroes from Trails in the Sky. I can see why fans would be excited about this game.

As for the premise, here’s the gist:

“With the nation on the brink of war and their greatest light now missing, heroes from far and wide must stand together in the face of emerging threats,” reads the YouTube description. “The fight for a brighter future will be decided here!”

We may not have a review of the series on the site, but our resident RPG guru Mr Toffee praises the series for its deep and detailed narrative that focuses on the students of Class VII and their plights, as well as how they overcome it. He also said that newcomers can start with the first game, but also be wary of cliffhangers, particularly in parts 1 and 3.

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