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Fans of 1930s gangster films and period movies featuring organized crimes of the highest order can look forward to 2K Games’ latest compilation. Well, a teaser of it anyway.

2K Games announced the Mafia: Trilogy, which based on the video below, is going to be a compilation of all three Mafia games – a remake of the 2004 title Mafia, Mafia II, and Mafia III. The remastered collection will be out for PC (Steam & Epic Games), Xbox One, and PS4; no confirmed date yet though. More news about the game will pop up on 20th May.

Also, the Microsoft Xbox store (update: now taken down) revealed that there will be a remake of the first Mafia. Check out the screenshots here; they look pretty dang good.The remake will be out 28th August.

So why are these games a big deal? Well, the one-two punch of 1940s gangland era storytelling plus Grand Theft Auto-esque gameplay (with some caveats) is a huge selling point. The first Mafia was set during the prohibition years of the 1930s. There weren’t many action-adventure games set during that time period, so that game was a breath of fresh air in terms of gameplay and narrative. The fact that it’s getting a remake from Hangar 13 is good news!

Mafia II, which came out in 2010, was set in the 1940s and 50s. It basically upped the ante in terms of production values, setpiece action beats, story beats, and open-world shenanigans. I felt it ended way too abrupt, but everything else was golden. Also, the game was banned in Singapore for Playboy content. Yeah, there was a bit where Playboy covers are collectables all over Empire City.

Mafia III was an unfortunate case of “great story beats & development; shame about the rest of the game”, a problem all too common with triple-A games that still persists today. Still, the 1960s New Bordeaux setting and era of music that came with it softened the pain. But barely.

Stick around next week on 20th May for more Mafia-related news on Kakuchopurei.


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