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Diablo 4 Dev Update Reveals More Story, Open-World & Multiplayer Details

While Diablo 4 is still a ways off (with no confirmed release date or window), Blizzard Entertainment is providing quarterly updates on the game’s development from time to time. While February’s update went over the UI design and controls, the June update for Diablo 4 is focused on the storytelling elements, open-world and multiplayer aspects.

As part of this update, the team showcases concept art of a demon that will be featured in Diablo 4, as well as going over the “blockout” process, which allows the developers to very quickly iterate and test ideas without developing assets too far. You can check out the concept art, the “blockout” form and the finished asset below.

Diablo 4 1

Diablo 4 2

Diablo 4 3

Here are other details we’ve learned about Diablo 4:

  • Simple interactions in Diablo 4 sees the camera zoomed-in closer to the characters (while still maintaining an overall isometric feel) and use a library of animations to deliver the general gist of the conversations.
    Diablo 4 4
  • Players can see their equipped armour visible during real-time cutscenes, making the game feel more seamless and cinematic.
    Diablo 4 5
  • Players can choose to concentrate on the story campaign or take part in a variety of open-world systems and additional side content.
  • The most popular open-world feature are Camps; locations of importance that have been overrun by enemies, which once cleansed turn into friendly outposts with NPCs and a waypoint location. While there is a backstory to each camp, most of the storytelling is visual and quests don’t directly send you to them.
    For example, one of the camps in the zone is a town afflicted by a curse that turned villagers into piles of salt. Another is a crypt, haunted by a spirit that possesses the bodies of various undead; jumping from skeleton to skeleton until you defeat him.
    Diablo 4 6
    Diablo 4 7
    Diablo 4 8
  • Players can obtain and use mounts to reach objectives more quickly without trivializing travel or combat. They also come with unique itemization options.
  • Multiplayer is optional and random, where solo players can walk in, help complete an event, and claim a reward.
  • However, dungeons and key story moments are always private to just the player and their party. Once story moments are complete and towns turned into social hubs, players will run into a few people in town.
    While on the road, players will sometimes run into another player here and there. If players go to a location where a world event is happening, they could see a larger congregation of players trying to defend against an attack by a cannibal horde or trying to take down a boss.


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