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Say No! More Pokes Fun At Work Culture Within Its Incredibly Short Run Time

Platform: PC
Genre: Outspoken adventure game for your extended lunch break

If you were to rate the indie title Say No! More just on its length alone, it gets a failing grade. The adventure game will take you at least two hours or so to beat in one playthrough. Despite its length, Say No! More wears its “one word, many languages” linguistic arcade adventure badge loud and proud.

You play an intern trapped in a corporate world where people become whipping boys/girls without fail. Upon discovering a tape that teaches you the power of the word “no” (in English, Chinese, French, and other languages) and the many methods to say it, your adventure in breaking the norm begins.

Your quest basically amounts to saying “no” to various people with the press of a few buttons on your keyboard (or gamepad). No directional inputs here; just good old-fashioned button prompts. Sometimes, you can charge up your “no” and dish out a full-blown rejection.

Other times, you need to butter up your obstacles either with a cacophony of laughter or just nod sarcastically to their inquiries, then lay out a big fat “nope” to their faces. Almost all the obstacles in your path can be destroyed in any way, regardless of how you say the main word of this questline.


Yes, the gameplay lacks a huge amount of player agency, but it makes up for it with its presentation and zany storyline. If you miss the old PS1 games of the experimental kind (think Parappa the Rapper and Incredible Crisis), Say No! More delivers on all fronts. It also comes equipped with a heartwarming message about self-advocacy and where we draw the line when saying “yes” to certain things.

Should you buy Say No! More? If you like a simple story with a quirky block-esque art style, some funny & exaggerated voice acting, with simplistic button prompt gameplay that costs you RM32, go for it. Don’t expect a huge game-changing experience though; just some good indie fun with hearty laughs.

Final Score: 70/100

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