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Mobile Legends MSC 2021: The Full Schedule

The best Mobile Legends teams in Southeast Asia will be duking it out this June in the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the region. The prize pool for this major tournament is worth US$150,000, with 12 teams set to win the lion’s share.

The teams competing will be the following:

  • Blacklist International (The Phillippines)
  • Resurgence MY (Malaysia)
  • Resurgence SG (Singapore)
  • EVOS Legends (Indonesia)
  • EVOS SG (Singapore)
  • IDNS (Indonesia)
  • Bigetron Alpha/BTR (Indonesia)
  • Impunity KH (Cambodia)
  • Nightmare (Laos)
  • Cyber EXE (Vietnam)
  • Todak (Malaysia)
  • Execration (Philippines)

Team Drafts & Groupings

Group A

  • Resurgence SG
  • Resurgence MY
  • IDNS

Group B

  • EVOS Legends (ID)
  • Todak
  • Cyber EXE

Group C

  • Blacklist International
  • Bigetron Alpha
  • Impunity KH

Group D

  • Execration
  • Nightmare Esports


Group 1 – 7 June

10am – Resurgence MY vs Resurgence SG (2-0)
12pm – EVOS Legends vs Todak (2-0)
2pm – Blacklist International vs Bigetron Alpha (2-0)
4pm – EVOS SG vs Execration (0-2)
6pm – Resurgence SG vs IDNS (2-0)
8pm – Todak vs Cyber EXE (2-0)

Group 2 – 8 June

10am – Bigetron Alpha vs Impunity KH (1-2)
12pm – Execration vs Nightmare Esports (2-0)
2pm – IDNS vs Resurgence MY (0-2)
4pm – Cyber EXE vs EVOS Legends (0-2)
6pm – Impunity KH vs Blacklist International (0-2)
8pm – Nightmare Esports vs EVOS SG (0-2)

Group 3 – 9 June

1pm – RSG SG vs Bigetron Alpha (0-2)
3pm – IDNS vs Impunity (1-2)
5pm – Todak vs Nightmare Esports (2-0)
7pm – Cyber EXE vs EVOS SG (0-2)

Playoffs Day 1 – 11 June

1pm – Bigetron Alpha vs Todak (2-0)
3pm – Impunity vs EVOS SG (2-0)
5pm – Resurgence MY vs Blacklist International (0-2)
7pm – EVOS Legends vs Execration (2-1)

Playoffs Day 2 – 12 June

1pm – Resurgence MY vs Bigetron Alpha (2-1)
3pm – Execration vs Impunity (2-1)
5pm – Blacklist International vs EVOS Legends (3-0)
8pm – Resurgence MY vs Execration (0-2)

Finals – 13 June

1pm – EVOS vs Execration(Finals)
6pm – Blacklist International vs Execration

Top 8 (as of 13 June)

  1. Blacklist International (4-0)
  2. EVOS Legends (3-1)
  3. Execration (3-2)
  4. Impunity (3-2)
  5. Resurgence Malaysia (3-2)
  6. Bigetron Alpha (2-3)
  7. EVOS SG (2-2)
  8. Todak (2-2)

Most-Picked Heroes In MSC 2021

  1. Harith (33)
  2. Lunox (28)
  3. Benedetta (25)
  4. Granger (24)
  5. Paquito (24)

Most-Banned Heroes In MSC 2021

  1. Jawhead (42)
  2. Mathilda (36)
  3. Selena (32)
  4. Ling (29)
  5. Benedetta (29)

Heroes With Best Win Rate In MSC 2021

  1. Bruno
  2. Faramis
  3. Hylos
  4. Belerick
  5. Vale

How To Watch


The biggest Mobile Legend Southeast Asian tournament will be hosted on YouTube and Facebook.

Playoffs Day 1

Playoffs Day 2

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