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Arc System Works has announced that its new dolphin-filled and main character privilege-laced fighting game, Guilty Gear Strive, is doing pretty well. The game sold over 500,000 units since its release back on 11th June.

In addition, the company will announce the game’s Season 1 first character next Wednesday 20th July at 9am GMT+8. If you haven’t bought the game’s Season 1 Pass, you can buy it at a discounted price.

Who will be the first season 1 character? We’re guessing it’s Happy Chaos, the blue Valentine unit that’s been a thorn in the game’s story mode. Other candidates include Goldlewis Dickinson the giant dude who carries a coffin with an alien inside (allegedly), Asuka (That Man), Jack-O Valentine with red hair, and Jam Kuradoberi based on an alleged datamine. 

For more on GG Strive, check out our review and tier list.

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