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Best Mobile Games to Play on The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a marvel of technology. When the smartphone industry widely adopted the flat, slab-like form roughly 12 years ago, many assumed that it was the end of the clamshell, flip phone form factor.

But thanks to the advancement of technology and breakthroughs in material science engineering, flip phones are back in fashion – and in a good way. If you are curious about what we thought of Samsung’s latest Z Flip model, you can check out our extensive review of the Z Flip 3 here.

Here are the best mobile games to take advantage of the Z Flip 3 unique form factor; titles that would benefit not only from a relatively elongated 6.7″ screen, but also from its lightweight build.

1. Call of Duty Mobile (Garena)

Mobile shooter games are almost 100% played on landscape mode and with a widescreen at your literal fingertips, allows much more screen real estate to look at. Gamers are able to fully capitalize from the in-game field-of-view (FOV) slider with the Flip 3’s wider screen.

The fact that the phone supports up to 120FPS is another advantage to anyone who takes their mobile CoD sessions seriously.

2. PUBG Mobile (Proxima Beta)

At the time of writing, PUBG Mobile is capped at 90FPS on select devices. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot future-proof your device for the day developers Proxima Beta opens up this option to everyone else. Just like CoD Mobile above, a wider screen equals more things to look at.

On-screen touch controls can now be placed further from the middle of the screen allowing unobstructed views for your next Chicken Dinner.

3. Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo)

There are tons of mobile racing games in the market but one of our favourites of the lot (to our own surprise) is Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour.

We’re not fans of gyro controls typically used in most racing games, so steering controls via finger swipes is fine by us. Also, the extra screen area on is definitely helpful during friendly (but intense) multiplayer races.

The extra vibrant colours synonymous with Mario games pop out really nicely here as well. You will not be disappointed.

4. World of Warships Blitz (Wargaming)

While the pace of this game isn’t as frenetic as CoD or PUBG mobile, we decided to list it here mostly due to the nature of the game is played and how an extra wide screen improves the experience. In World of Warships Blitz, you will, more often than not, find yourself staring at the horizon trying to detect enemy warships in a distance.

The wider-than-usual screen on the Z Flip 3 is again the star, improving, albeit slightly the details of other ships. Instead of the more squashed look we tend to get on phones sporting screens of more typical aspect-ratios, they appear much more true-to-form here.

5. Marvel Contest of Champions (Kabam)

Among a slew of fighting games available in the Google Play store, this one is our favourite. There’s something cathartic in collecting and assembling Marvel superheroes into my very own, custom Avengers setup. As well as watch them beat the living s**t out of one another on a wide handheld screen.

It is capped at 90FPS for now but do expect an upgrade once 120FPS gaming becomes a norm in the market.

6. Apex Legends Mobile (EA)

The game is still currently on early access and is only available to select territories and regions. However, the experience of Apex Legends Mobile is as close to its console and PC brethren you’d expect, save being on mobile.

Battle royale games are always played on these sprawling maps and the Z Flip 3 is more than capable of running Apex Legends Mobile on the highest setting. Add in the widescreen advantage and you will suddenly find yourselves at a slight, but fair advantage against the others.

Honorable Mentions

These mobile games feature 120FPS capabilities, though they’re not really my cup of tea. Still, you should try them out.

The Samsung Z Flip 3 hits shelves September 22th 2021. You can find our review of the Z Flip 3 here.

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