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Halo Infinite Hidden Skulls Guide: How To Find Them All

Halo Infinite continues the tradition of Skulls: secret collectables hidden throughout the game that grant different modifiers for the campaign.

Here’s how to find them all. Keep in mind that for now, you cannot replay missions you’ve completed. If you missed one, you’ll have to start the campaign from scratch again. So if you need to find Skulls, you have to do it at the level you’re in (via Halo Canon):

Hidden Skull: Boom

Effect: All explosions in the game have twice the radius; the damage remains the same.

This Skull is located in the game’s starting mission: Banished Warshi Gbraakon. You’ll find this room not long after the introduction area. After moving down a few hallways and rooms, you will enter a room with moving Banished metal crates on the right-hand side.

Once you’ve found the room, you need to jump on the moving box in the center. Ride it to the top; it’ll be on the box next to you when you’re there.

Hidden Skull: Cowbell

Effect: Objects in an explosion will fly with increased velocity.

This Skull is located in the mission Foundation. You need to use the Grappleshot to reach this Skull. Following your second elevator ride, you’ll come across an open room with a narrow platform on the left side. Kill all Grunts and Jackals in the area.

Then head to the point on the screencap. Grappleshot onto the first platform on the right, then grapple to the top ramp. The Skull is right there for the taking.

Hidden Skull: Catch

Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades.

This Skull is at the north part of the Zeta Halo map, just north of Outpost Tremonius (where you landed when you first arrive on Zeta Halo). Once you kill the enemies there, you’ll find the Skull at a tree stump full of UNSC marine helmets.

Hidden Skull: Fog

Effect: Disables motion tracker.

This Skull is located at the Zeta Ring’s edge, west of FOB Alpha. You’re at the right place if you find hexagonal columns just below the caves. You will need an air vehicle to reach it though.

Hidden Skull: I Would Have Been Your Daddy

Effect: Rare combat dialogue becomes more common.

You can find this Skull at the top of The Tower. You can either Grapplehook your way up to the top, or just use a flying vehicle.

Hidden Skull: Blind

Effect: HUD and weapon do not display onscreen.

This Skull is at the south of The Tower, below a crevice. Use a flying vehicle to navigate downwards.

Hidden Skull: Thunderstorm

Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies.

This Skull is on top of a Forerunner Column; it’s near the area with the Banished AA guns.

Hidden Skull: Black Eye

Effect: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.

This Skull is hidden behind a waterfall in the area on the screenshot above. You’ll need a flying vehicle to access it. In fact, once you find the hole, you have to get out and then Grapplehook your way to the small cave to find it.

Hidden Skull: Famine

Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.

The Skull is found in the far east area of the Zeta Halo area on an island. You’ll need a flying vehicle to get to the place.

Hidden Skull: Mythic

Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.

This Skull is found on the level The Command Spire. When you’re at the part where the Forerunner columns are being etched with light, head to the spot where the columns are turning.

Before the column turns, use the Grappleshot to climb onto one, then climb up to the ceiling where it’s all dark.

Then Grappleshot one more time at the top tiny door to get to a small alcove that houses the Skull.

Hidden Skull: Grunt Birthday Party

Effect: Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations.

This Skull is found at the Repository. Head to the area with the four Forerunner doors. after you activate the light bridge, grapple to this part here:

Through this path, get the POwer Seed. Once you have it, you have to head back to the center light bridge area and get the Power Seed to the opposite door of the one you entered. You’ll have to be good at throwing the Power Seed since you cannot grapple and carry it at the same time.

Once you’re at the other door, go through it and then use the Power Seed at the station in that room. After that, proceed through the stage as normal until you reach this point.

The room above would have had a barrier, but since you used a Power Seed in the previous area, it won’t be. Head in the room, kill the Elites in there, and claim the Skull.

Hidden Skull: Bandana

Effect: Grants unlimited weapon ammo and grenades. Removes equipment cooldown.

Found in the Silent Auditorium. Play through the stage like normal until you reach this part:

This is where Sentinels appear. Do not kill them. Just keep moving forward until you reach the part with the light bridges.

At this point, turn left; you’ll find the Bandana Skull sitting there. If it’s not there and the door is closed, you have to restart the mission again and not kill Sentinels.


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