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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Endgame & Chaos Chamber Guide: How To Get Chaotic & Volatile Gear

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is what Borderlands and looter shooter fans have been waiting for: great action, a fun D&D dungeonmastering story, and tons of loot and class customization. It also comes with a solid endgame series of dungeons called the Chaos Chamber that’s pretty impressive for a base Borderlands title. 

Since this guide is about the endgame and post-credits farming, there will be spoilers. Here’s your warning.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Loot List

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List

Chaos Chamber Overview

To access the Chaos Chamber entrance and dungeon, you just need to beat the main campaign. The final boss is the Dragon Lord; beat him, watch the ending, and grab the loot. Then go through the epilogue.

You’ll eventually reach the Chaos Chamber entrance (seen below). This is where your endgame and Legendary loot farming starts.

Chaos Chamber runs are multi-levelled random level runs where you go through each stage clearing the room of enemies. Once the room is clear, you proceed to the next one. You keep doing this until you reach the boss room. Kill the boss in the run, and you’ve completed the Chaos Chamber run. Clearing rooms will reward you with gear and crystals. Save up crystals so that you can cash them out at the rewards room (the one with the chest in the middle and the rabbit statues at each side).

After you clear a room, you get to pick the next room through a portal. Each portal will lead you to the following, represented by a different icon:

  • Crystal Chest: this room rewards you with extra Crystals when completed.
  • Gold Chest: this room rewards you with loot and gear. Usually this room will have an obelisk that activates when you kill enough enemies, unleashing a boss.
  • Dragon Lord icon: this room will let you pick a difficulty modifier once cleared. The tougher the modifier, the more crystals and stats-boost you get.
  • Butt-Stallion icon: this room grants you a party-wide buff for the run once it’s cleared.

You can spend a small amount of crystals on a portal of your choice to fill the room with Elite enemies. Elite enemies are tougher, but drop more Crystals.

Sometimes, a room in a Chaos Chamber run adds in side objectives. Completing side objectives means more Crystal rewards. These include the following tasks:

  • Destroy the Dragon Lord statue in the room.
  • Protect the Butt-Stallion statue from enemies.
  • Feed a fire spirit fire energy from the drops of dead enemies.
  • Finish a level before time runs out.
  • Melee kill a certain number of enemies.
  • Kill a certain number of enemies when standing in a designated circle.

There are four types Chaos Chamber runs you can pick:

  • Chaos Chamber Trial: This is a regular Chaos Chamber run where you can increase your Chaos Level. The starting Chaos level is 1, up to a maximum of 20. If you want to increase your Chaos Level, you need to complete the Trials.
  • Normal Chaos Chamber: A regular Chaos Chamber run.
  • Extended Chaos Chamber: A longer Chaos Chamber run.
    Featured Chaos Chamber: A set Chaos Chamber dungeon run. Not randomized, meaning if you replay this featured run, you’ll get the same room, enemy types, and bosses.

You can cash in your crystals you won at the Chaos Chamber stages to churn out specific weapon and gear from the bunny statues. Each bunny statue represents a different gear type. So if you want to spend your crystals for just SMGs (rare, unique, Legendary; it’s random), go to the bunny statue with the SMG icon and spend your crystals. The more Crystals you have, the better the chances at getting Uniques and Legendaries.

Why You Should Increase Your Chaos Level

A higher Chaos Level means a higher chance to drop Legendary loot and Chaotic gear. At max Chaos Level 20, you can get Volatile gear drops. If we’re talking numbers, Chaotic Gear drop chance rates are 28%+ while Volatile Gear drop chance rates are 1.41%. The latter only appears at Chaos Level 20.

Stats-wise, Chaotic gear adds 19% damage increase, while Volatile gear adds 41% damage increase for base gear. For example, a Chaotic Masterwork Handbow is way better than a regular Masterwork Handbow. However, a Volatile Masterwork Handbow is better than both because of the significant damage increase. So yes, to get the best possible gear, playing at Chaos Level 20 is essential.

Chaos Chamber Tips

Choose Modifiers You Can Handle

You’re given two different portals when proceeding deeper into the Chaos Chamber. If you see a Dragon Lord icon and aren’t too confident in your skills, don’t force yourself to pick the Dragon Lord portal and just go for the other one. You will lose it all if you die and deplete all your lives during a Chaos Chamber run. Only take what you can handle.

Prioritize Spells

Regardless of the Chaos Level you’re on, Spells will still keep their damage and ability damage values, thus they can deal with whatever the Chamber throws at you. If you have found the perfect spell combo for Chaos Level 1 chamber runs, odds are it can carry you to Chaos Level 20. What we’re saying here is that classes like the Spellshot are way more useful in the endgame due to their ability to refresh spell cooldowns instantly via their skills.

Play With Friends

We cannot stress this enough. Playing with a full party means an easier time dealing with mobs and bosses, as well as higher chances for Legendary drops.

This article is still in development…


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