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The Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary isn’t just relegated to fancy Uniqlo t-shirts. Company Square Enix is planning on announcing a bunch of news concerning its beloved JRPG meal ticket.

According to Japan-based analyst David Gibson, the company is planning to make announcements about plans for the series’ 35th anniversary soon during an earnings call. Square Enix reportedly said it intends to release several new games this year but focused on its JRPG franchise. The news will pop up this month or the next.

The company has high expectations for Final Fantasy XVI, which will probably be out before the next fiscal year it seems. It also may officially announce the follow-up to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In related news, Final Fantasy XIV sold many copies and had many subscribers and users, making it the star of Square Enix’s fiscal year ended 31st March 2022. Basically the launch of the expansion Endwalker helped immensely. The company’s HD games like Outriders and Guardians of the Galaxy failed to meet expectations, but at least FFXIV helped offset that decline. To be fair, GotG was probably due to the failure of Marvel’s Avenger, making people assume it was a follow-up when it was the far superior single-player game.

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