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Vampire Survivors is getting a new update, which features a bunch of new weapons. Most importantly, players will get a new character called Concetta Caciotta, who is a guitar-playing bat-woman who attacks unlike the rest of the cast.

The new update includes a couple of new weapons and weapon evolutions, new Arcanas, and one more rank for Banish. The game also has a Fullscreen toggle, updated sprites, and temporarily removed copyrighted music.

Here are the latest notes of action game Vampire Survivors’ new 0.5.2 patch, which its developer boldly states that it’s “not for kids”.

– A coffin in Gallo Tower
– 1 new weapon
– 2 weapon evolutions
– 1 new item to pickup
– 2 new Arcanas
– 1 new relic/minor gameplay option
– 1 more rank for Banish

– updated some sprites
– added Fullscreen toggle in Options menu
– temporarily removed copyrighted music tracks and therefore “Streamer safe music” option (all music currently available is safe)
– increased area scaling for King Bible and Unholy Vespers
– Celestial Dusting firerate affected by FPS
– Phieraggi not visually scaling with Area

How to Unlock Concetta Caciotta

You have to unlock Gallo Tower (Stage 4), select the stage, and find a coffin there. It’s the question mark at the top of the map. To reach the question mark area, you have to go to the left of the map, enter the magic mirror, and you’ll teleport to the spot.  Kill the enemies there and touch the coffin to unlock the new character.

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