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2000s Fighting Game The Rumble Fish Will Be Ported To Consoles This Winter

Rumble Fish and Rumble Fish 2 were a pair of 2D arcade fighting games back in 2004 onward that featured smooth animation (marketed as Smooth Model Animation) that was tough to pull off on arcade machines. You can now experience this classic fighting game when it’s getting a home port for this generation.

According to publisher 3goo and developer Dimps, the games will be out for consoles as a collection this winter worldwide, though no specific consoles have been mentioned. Both Rumble Fish and Rumble Fish 2 have never been ported in English and outside of Japan; there was a PS2 version back then, but it was Japan-only.

Here are a few quotes from the game’s makers and current publishers

Dimps president Takashi Nishiyama

The Rumble Fish is a very memorable game for us at Dimps. We developed it as a 2D fighting game compatible with the Atomiswave arcade system board developed by Sammy Corporation. It may have a classic feel compared to current fighting games, but it was an ambitious project that employed a variety of visual expressions within the limitations of a system board that is now almost 20 years old. I’m proud of what we accomplished. And now, 3goo is once again shining the spotlight on The Rumble Fish series and I’m excited for the renewed potential for the series to grow.”

3goo president Nicolas Di Costanzo

“I, personally, have been a long-time fan of Dimps and I am overjoyed to be able to introduce this hidden gem to the world. We’re deeply honored Dimps allowed us this wonderful opportunity. This series lit arcades on fire with its mix of mechanics inspired by a variety of fighting games, and now we’re bringing it to consoles so everyone will have easy access to it. We hope you’re as excited to get it as we are to release it.”

Check out the game’s story trailer and some high-level play of both games below. Yeah, it looks a bit weird right now with all the 3D/2D fighting games out there, but this was revolutionary back in the mid-2000s when 2D fighters were all but dried out content-wise. Some preservation efforts for this series is sorely needed, and I’m happy that 3goo and Dimps are on the case.



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    August 4, 2022 at 9:45 am

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