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Bilibili Arrives in Singapore and Malaysia With Exclusive Summer Anime

Southeast Asia’s leading animation video platform, Bilibili, is launching in Singapore and Malaysia with over 35 anticipated summer anime releases including Overlord IV and The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2. Bilibili also announces exclusive titles including Tokyo Mew Mew New~?, and Engage Kiss.

Let’s break down each show in case you’re not sure what they’re about:

Overlord IV

It is the year 2138 when virtual reality gaming is thriving with DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). The story starts when an office worker in a dystopian city logs into the game for the last time before the server goes down. However, when the supposed server shut-down approaches, our protagonist and his guild quickly realise that they are stuck in a different reality indefinitely. Follow their menacing adventures as it continues with the fourth season!


The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 2.

Based on the light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara, the Demon Lord Satan and his evil army were defeated by Hero Emilia Justina in another dimension. Forced to flee, Satan and his Demon General Alsiel escaped through a portal and unwittingly landed in modern-day Japan. As they are losing their magical powers, Satan and his general have no choice but to live their new lives as normal human beings. Hold and behold, Hero Emilia followed them but suffers the same fate of weakening powers of her own. Though Emilia remains resentful towards Satan and his evil acts in the previous world, they end up becoming the unlikely of allies, helping each other to survive in the unfamiliar world.


 Tokyo Mew Mew New~?

The Tokyo Mew Mew series is celebrating its 65th anniversary of the first Nakayoshi issue. Like their 2008 adaption, Tokyo Mew Mew New (stylized as Tokyo Mew Mew New~?) is about five girls each infused with D.N.A of an endangered animal to become super-powered heroines. With their newfound abilities, the girls are tasked to help defend their world against terrorizing aliens. Enjoy the super-heroines in classic magical girl action with a remake adaptation.


Engage Kiss

Engage Kiss takes place in Bayron — a mega-floating metropolis created from the discovery of a new energy source, Orgonium. The mining of the energy source has led to the outbreak of “D Hazards” by demons. Efforts to neutralise the outbreak are run by PMCs (Private Military Companies). The story follows our protagonist, Shuu, who runs a small PMC but struggles with unhealthy spending habits that left him broke. Shuu, however, is being cared for by Kisara, a beautiful high school girl who turns out to be a demon girl. Kisara vows to help Shuu with his troubles and defeat the demons by a contract. Thus, begins the slap-stick harem comedy of Shuu, Kisara, and others who find themselves oddly attached to our protagonist in duty against the demons of Bayron City.

Well, it’s time to binge-watch your favourite and upcoming summer animes on the one-stop anime streaming platform. Head on over to the Bilibili website or you can download the app on Google Play and Apple Store.

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