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New Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Adds Ultra Instinct Goku & More

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has announced the release of a new paid DLC pack, the Awakened Warrior Pack, for its popular PS4 and Nintendo Switch title, DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 today.

Additionally, a special campaign commemorating these launches is currently ongoing, alongside the release of the Free Update #14 today. Finally, the Legend Patrol Pack, which is already available as a paid DLC for the Nintendo Switch version of DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2, is also on the PlayStation®4 version now.

The Conton City DLC, the Awakened Warrior Pack, has been released today. In addition to the new playable characters – Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), Dyspo, and Vegeta (GT) – that were selected by users in the Conton City Vote held last year, the pack also contains Extra Missions and new costumes such as King Vegeta (DBS)’s Battle Suit.

This DLC also contains Skills replicating the characters’ moves from the movies, including the Ultimate Attack of Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), Sign of Awakening and Dyspo’s Awoken Skill, Supersonic Mode. The Extra Missions include new stories that are told using brand new video sequences. These stories continue from the Extra DLC Pack 2, where the player must cooperate with Fu to tackle scenarios from the Majin Buu and GT storylines that have been altered by Dabura.

With the new playable characters set to play a prominent part, this is an opportunity for players to acquire this latest DLC and experience a new history

Awakened Warrior Pack Contents

Playable Characters

  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), Dyspo, Vegeta (GT)


  • Ultrasonic Blitz / Spirit Pulse / Sign of Awakening / Celestial Wave / Wild Buster / Counter Burst / Shield Barrier / Justice Kick / Justice Blade / Circle Flash / Supersonic Mode

Parallel Quests

  • Even Further Beyond / Dyspo’s Wanted Man / Seeing Double/ Dabura the Loyal? Servant

Extra Missions

  • Vengeful Villain Baby/ S Match with the Majin


  • Android 17 (DB Super)’s Ranger Outfit, Android 17 (DB Super) Wig, King Vegeta (DBS)’s Battle Suit, King Vegeta (DB Super) Wig

Loading Screen Customisation

  • 15 new illustrations

Free Update #14

Free update #14, which contains features such as Extra Raids that awakens boss characters, has also been released. In addition to the costumes, CC mascots, partner customisation elements and illustrations selected as part of the Conton City Vote, this update contains new content such as Dual Ultimate Attacks, Super Souls, and more.

Raid Boss Battles

  • Kind-hearted Killing Machine (Lite) / Impending Danger (Lite) / The Supersonic Warrior / King of the Demon Realm / Ever-Changing Nightmare / Goku’s Challenge / Vegeta’s Tough Training

Crystal Raid

  • Dyspo will become available to use!

Dual Ultimate Attacks

  • DUAL Super Spirit Bomb / DUAL Minus Energy Power Ball / DUAL Assault Rain /DUAL Power Rush / DUAL Gigantic Burst

Super Souls

  • Now I’m MAD! / It all comes down to this! / Emoc htorf! Peas and Carrots!/ Goku! Time for dinner! Looks like I mixed up the capsules…

Partner Customisation

  • Goku (Super Saiyan God) / Gogeta (SS4) / Vegeta (Super Saiyan God) / Super Baby 2 / Goku Black

Loading Screen Customisation

  • 77 new illustrations

Hero Colosseum

  • 20 Free Battle Quests (vs COM) / 68 Digital Figures / 34 Posing Skills / 12 Character Skills / 5 Conton City NPCs / 5 Quests featuring Figure Battles with roaming NPCs / EX Limit Break


  • Yamcha’s White Gi

CC Mascots

  • Icarus / Icarus (Gohan (Kid)’s Colors) / Icarus (Demon Clan Colors)

The Legend Patrol Pack DLC is now available on the PS4

The paid DLC, the Legend Patrol Pack, that was previously available for the Nintendo Switch, has also been released for the PS4 today. The paid DLC allows players to experience the main story from the previous title, DRAGON BALL Xenoverse.

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