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Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Sumeru Quests Guide & Walkthrough

Genshin Impact’s version 3.0 update is ready for playing, and with it comes a major new continent to explore: Sumeru.

Sumeru is a giant Amazon-esque forest with its own culture, enemies, and Dendro elemental powers emanating from its core. It’s a vast place to explore filled with its own waypoints, cities, and Domains. This guide will be talking about all of that and more.

This guide is still in development…

How To Get A Free 4-Star Collei

All you have to do is complete the Unappreciated Carving side quest in Sumeru (31:40 on the video walkthrough above). Head to the quest spot and you’ll be talking to a kid, his dad the storyteller, and Collei.

As you go through the quest, you’ll end up with a free 4-Star Collei, a Dendro archer whom you’ll need for your free Dendro elemental needs. You’ll also receive an Exquisite Kamera when you finish the quest: this allows you to take photos and show details about the subject it’s pointed at. Unfortunately, it can only be used in Sumeru.

Haypasia Special Cave & Courtyard Puzzle Guide

The very first quest in Sumeru involves rescuing a scientist in a cave from a never-ending sleep. You end up heading into a domain filled with gigantic flowers. Here’s a solution to the section (1:05:22 in the video above.

-Follow the path and you should see Bouncy Mushrooms. Use these to reach the higher ledges.
-In one of the small rooms, you’ll find a Primeval Rosin. You have to use three of these to open the doorway at the end.
-After picking up your first rosin, it’s as though you’d get ported to a house in Inazuma. Follow the marker to return to the main area.
-Go ahead and use the mushrooms to bounce further upward.
-Defeat the hilichurls in the next small room and interact with the glowing object. It will transform your character and cause them to fly to another chamber. Grab the second rosin here, then press “T” to grapple onto the sigil.
-Upon returning to the main area, you’ll find a couple of ledges and the third rosin down below. With it, you’ll be able to open the doorway.
-The zone will change again. This time, you’ll see a courtyard puzzle.
-To complete the special cave courtyard puzzle, you’ll want to move your camera around so that the two halves of the image are lined up properly.
-Pass through the doorway and grapple all the way to the top of the platforms. You’ll meet with an Abyss Herald.
-After the fight, you’ll wake up and return back to the cave.
-Cook the boxed lunch that was given to you earlier by Tighnari and hand it over to Haypasia to help her recover.
-With Haypasia’s situation sorted, make your way back to Gandharva Ville to speak with Tighnari and Collei.


Port Ormos & Dori’s Code Walkthrough

The second main quest in Sumeru requires you to infiltrate a secret marketplace in the region’s biggest port. Check out the walkthrough below.

To solve the Dori’s Informant Code sequence, do look at the note that Alhaitham provided.

-For the first NPC that you meet, say that you’re looking for “unripe Harra Fruits.”
-You’ll meet the informant who’s got his own trust meter. Max it out by picking the following dialogue choices.

  • Harra Fruits taken by mice = Congratulate him.
  • Pick some fruits that’ll make you dizzy = A side of tinnitus.
  • How to package = Port Ormos style.

-The informant claim that the guards are near. Run after him and follow the objective markers.
-Upon reaching the topmost section, someone will shout about “hiding from Rishboland Tigers.” Head to that secluded spot.


Sabzeruz Festival Quest Walkthrough


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