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Check Out How Street Fighter 6’s Manon, Marisa, JP, and Dee Jay Play In These SFL Pro JP High-Level Matches

Street Fighter 6’s full roster still remains a mystery, as we don’t know how half the cast plays like. At least now we have an inkling of their playstyles in the form of recently-revealed Capcom gameplay.

Capcom showcased new Street Fighter 6 gameplay before the grand finals event of the Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2022 esports tournament, showing off high-level matches of the game’s newer characters. YouTube account AlphaDog captured these matches for all to see: Dee Jay vs Dhalsim, Blanka vs JP, and Marisa vs Manon.

Dee Jay still fights the same as last time, with his horizontal kicks and projectiles, though they’re more powered-up this time. Dhalsim still has some of his moves in Street Fighter 5 (long limbs, fast teleports & floats), but he can still be whiff-punished.

JP uses ranged Psycho Powers, even summoning multiple “spirits” as one of his Supers. Blanka has a projectile-invincible EX roll, can combo into EX vertical ball on Punish Counter, and has a Level 2 Super that’s similar to his V-Trigger 2 from Street Fighter 5.

Finally, we have Marisa vs Manon. Marisa shows off her power moves and her Critical Art where she super-punches Marisa to a giant wall waiting in the background, while Manon has ballet grace-like moves and judo-ballet throws that increase her medal count, leading to stronger throws. The latter can combo from her throws via her higher medal levels.

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