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Diablo 3 Season 28 Altar Of Rites Unlocking Guide

Diablo 3’s new Season marks the final farewell for the game before everyone jumps on-board Diablo 4. This means that Season 28 will be the biggest and baddest one yet in the history of the game’s 10-year course.

Here’s what Blizzard is offering for its final Diablo 3 Season: The Altar of Rites progression system.

“For Season 28, Rites of Sanctuary, we’re travelling deep into the mysterious ruins of the Festering Woods. Amid a hunting expedition, citizens hailing from New Tristram stumbled across an ominous Altar carved from an archaic material bearing cryptic markings. Shaken to their core by the eldritch aroma of the monolith, they’ve enlisted the assistance of brave Nephalem willing to investigate this sinister discovery that was once left to time—the Altar of Rites.

Home to power thought to be extinct from Sanctuary, the Altar of Rites will bestow these mystic forces upon worthy Nephalem… After a sacrifice is offered.”

Altar Of Rites Explained

In Season 28, there’s a brand new progression system called the Altar of Rites that grants awesome power to your entire account in exchange for sacrifices. These sacrifices range from materials you get from Bounties and enemies, to even tough items to craft like the Staff of Herding. Completing all 26 of these tasks and sacrificing 6 Primal Ancients, which is no easy feat mind you, will net you big Damage & stat buffs, increased drops, 3 Potion Super Powers, and the Wings of Terror as an exclusive cosmetic.

Where Do I Find The Altar Of Rites?

Simple: just head to Act 1’s New Tristram, then go left to where Tyrael is standing. Follow the path through the town and go past Arghus the Collector but stop just before you pass Radek the Fence. The Altar is marked on the minimap within the vicinity.


Altar of Rites Seals & Powers

When one of these seals is unlocked, they apply to all characters in your account.

Seal Power
A Your Kill Streak timer duration and reward bonus are doubled.
B Pools of Reflection last for the entire Season and are not removed by death.
C Items have no level requirement.
D +200 Damage
E +25% Missile Damage Reduction
F +25% Movement Speed (Uncapped)
G Increase damage against elites by 15%.
H Picking up Health Globes grants a shield for 5% of your maximum health for 7 seconds. Max stacks 5.
I +25% Melee Damage Reduction.
J Increases your highest elemental skill damage bonus by 10%.
K Increase damage against elites by 20%.
L +20% Damage
M Double the amount of Death’s Breaths that drop.
N Critical hits grant resource: Mana: 15, Hatred: 5, Wrath: 5, Arcane Power: 3, Fury: 3, Spirit: 5, Essence: 5.
O Double the amount of Bounty Caches that drop from completing bounties.
P Progress orbs from Nephalem and Greater Rifts are automatically picked up within 60 yards.
Q Reduces the damage taken from elites by 25%.
R +30% Damage
S Gain immunity to crowd-controlling effects.
T Gain passability.
U Pets pick up Death’s Breath.
V Elite packs drop one additional progress orb.
W Increase damage done to Bosses by 25%.
X Pets pick up and salvage common, magic, and rare items.
Y Increase your chance to Dodge by 15%.
Z Double the chance to find a legendary item purchased from Kadala.
Potion AA When you drink your health potion, you manifest one of three runic circles on the ground that grant increased damage, increased cooldown reduction, or increased resource cost reduction.
Potion AB When you drink your health potion, all enemies within 25 yards deal 25% less damage.
Potion AC When you drink your health potion, gain a random shrine or the Dimensional Power pylon effect.
Potion AD When a primal item drops, a second random primal item drops as well.


Force (D)
Grants +200 Average Damage. This is similar to a Jewelry Damage Range Affix and is added to your Weapon Damage, which translates into ~5-6% damage on average.

Command (G), Prowess (K)
Buffs your damage against Elites.

Nature (J)
Grants 10% Elemental Damage of your highest current element. Needs some Elemental Damage to work.

Tenacity (L)
Grants a 20% separate damage multiplier.

Malice (R)
Grants a 30% separate damage multiplier.

Roar (W)
Grants a 25% separate damage multiplier against Bosses.


Shadow (E)
Reduces missile damage you receive by 25%.

Numb (I)
Reduces melee damage you receive by 25%.

Reverence (Q)
Reduces the damage you receive from Elites by 25%.

Blood (H)
Gain a shield for 5% of your Maximum Health every time you pick up a Health Globe. Just like Wizard shields, they scale with your Maximum Life, the maximum life you have, the larger the shield is. Works great with Squirt’s Necklace.

Elegance (Y)
Grants 15% additional Dodge Chance.


Gateway (A)
This seal doubles the duration and bonus of Kill Streaks.

Mirror (B)
This seal grants you a permanent Pool of Reflection. The way it works is that you have a pool that is automatically refreshed when it is about to expire or when you revive after a death. This Pool still works exactly like any other pool, which means it double dips for Greater Rift Closing Experience.

Anointed (C)
Removes all Item Level Requirement. This is great for leveling new characters!

Exodus (F)
Grants 25% Movement Speed Bonus. Goes beyond the base 25% cap from your Gear and Paragon Points.

Reach (P)
Automatically picks up Progress Globes within 60 yards in Nephalem & Greater Rifts. This is a pickup effect which procs around twice per second and is approximately screenwide. This means it is possible to leave the screen without picking up globes if you have too much Movement Speed and run away.

Bountiful (O)
Completing Bounty Acts grants 2 Bounty Caches instead of one.

Vigor (N)
Critical Hits grants Resource (15 Mana, 5 Hatred, 5 Wrath, 3 Arcane Power, 3 Fury, 5 Spirit & 5 Essence). This seal is great for all builds that consume a lot of resources.

Stillness (M)
Double the number of Death’s Breaths that drops. This is a separate multiplier and works on top of Sage’s Journey.

Revelation (T)
Grants Passability which is the Illusory Boots effect.

Reaper (V)
Elite Packs drop one additional Progress Globe.

Omen (S)
Grants immunity against all Crowd Control effects.

Carrion (U)
Pets pick up Death’s Breaths.

Husk (X)
Pets pick up and salvage Common, Magic and Rare items.

Pattern (Z)
Double the chance to get a Legendary from Kadala.

How To Unlock Altar Of Rites Seals

Seal  Cost Strategy
A 10 Reusable Parts Steal, then salvage your followers’ weapons.
B 1 Flawless Diamond (or greater), 15 Arcane Dust, 20 Resuable Parts At level 18 do Boss Bounties on Normal to acquire 2 Diamonds, then upgrade them at the Jeweler.
C 1 Greater Rift Key, 10 Death’s Breaths Complete a Nephalem Rift at level 70. Put Sage’s Journey on your Follower for double Death’s Breaths.
D Any Class Specific Set Helm Gamble Helms at Kadala at level 70.
E 20 Forgotten Soul, 10 of each bounty material Do bounties.
F 1 Leoric’s Regret, 1 Vial of Putridness, 1 Idol of Terror, 1 Heart of Fright Kill the Keywardens in Acts 1-4, which are labeled with a key on your map and highlighted with a Purple Arrow. Then use the keys in the house on the right side of Act 1’s Town to open portals to kill the Ubers.
G Reaper’s Wraps Kill Malthael in Pandemonium Fortress Level 3 in Act 5 on any difficulty to drop the plan, then craft it at the Blacksmith.
H 30 Forgotten Souls Farm Greater Rifts and salvage Legendaries.
I 1,100 Bloodshards Clear Greater Rift 60 solo.
J 1 Flawless Royal Ruby, 20 Death’s Breaths, Ring of Royal Grandeur Do Act 1 bounties to farm for Ring of Royal Grandeur. Buy Essences from Squirt in Act 2’s town; convert 9 gems into Rubies in the cube to craft a Flawless Royal Ruby at the Jeweler.
K 1 Flawless Royal Emerald, 30 of each bounty material† Do Act 1 bounties to farm for Ring of Royal Grandeur. Buy Essences from Squirt in Act 2’s town; convert 9 gems into Rubies in the cube to craft a Flawless Royal Emerald at the Jeweler.
L 20 Greater Rift Keys, 1 Ramaladni’s Gift Farm Nephalem Rifts.
M 1,300 Bloodshards Complete Greater Rift 80 Solo.
N Petrified Scream Farm Greater Rifts.
O Challenge Rift Cache Do the Weekly Challenge Rift.
P 250 Forgotten Souls Farm Greater Rifts and salvage Legendaries.
Q 1,400 Bloodshards Clear Greater Rift 90 Solo.
R Ancient Hellfire Amulet Kill the Keywardens in Acts 1-4, which are labeled with a key on your map and highlighted with a Purple Arrow. Then use the keys in the house on the right side of Act 1’s Town to open portals to kill the Ubers. Then buy the Hellfire Amulet recipe from Squirt in Act 2; craft them until you get an Ancient one.
S Four Tome of Set Dungeon Pages from your class. Acquire 4 full unique 6 piece sets for different classes. You only need 5 pieces plus a Ring of Royal Grandeur for it to work. Go to Leoric’s Manor in Act 1 and speak to the Tome while wearing them to acquire the 4 pages. Haedrig Gift sets do not count.
T Ancient Puzzle Ring, 50 of each bounty material Use Cube Recipe 2 to reroll a Puzzle Ring to ancient; then farm bounties.
U 500 Death’s Breaths, 300 Forgotten Souls Farm Nephalem Rifts. Put on Sage’s Journey on your follower for double Death’s Breaths.
V 1,500 Bloodshards Clear Greater Rift 100 Solo.
W Whisper of Atonement Rank 125 Use a Petrified Scream to open an Echoing Nightmare and reach level 125. We suggest teaming up with a powerful party to get this high in this mode.
X Any Augmented Weapon Use Cube Recipe 10 on any Ancient Weapon to Augment it. Try to use a Whisper of Atonement from an Echoing Nightmare so you don’t lose one of your Legendary Gems.
Y Staff of Herding This one is a long process. Here’s a video guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXvYxCMTGgE
Z 1,600 Bloodshards Clear Greater Rift 110 Solo.
Potion 1 55 Primordial Ashes Salvage Primal weapons.
Potion 2 110 Primordial Ashes Salvage Primal weapons.
Potion 3 165 Primordial Ashes Salvage Primal weapons.

How To Get A Staff Of Herding

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