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Diablo 3 Season 28: The Best Builds To Use For The Final Season

Diablo 3’s final Season is now playable, and with it comes some classes you should be using to solo the game’s tougher challenges.

Whether it’s Greater Rifts or Echoing Nightmare, these class and set picks are best for the situation, especially with the new Altar of Rites power-ups. Unsealing early power-ups like the one that removes level requirements for equipment will make the leveling up and farming process easier. Here’s how you can unlock the Altar Of Rites in Diablo 3 Season 28.

With that said, here are the best classes and sets you should focus for this Season. Note that previous season set armours are still viable in Season 28.

Best Class & Sets To Use For Diablo 3 Season 28

This list is still under development…

Demon Hunter

Natalya Spike Trap (Season 28 Version)

This set armour class and build gets a huge rework in Season 28. Instead of Vengeance, you now focus on Spike Trap and all the damage, procs, and buffs that entail. The new build combines Spike Trap as a powerful nuke ability with Caltrops for utility. It’s not the fastest and isn’t beginner-friendly, but it deals amazing AoE damage and makes many, MANY things dead in quick succession.


LMB- Spike Trap (Lightning Rod)
RMB-Strafe (Drifting Shadow)
2-Caltrops (Hooked Spines)
3-Smokescreen (Displacement)
4-Vengeance (Dark Heart)

Passives: Custom Engineering, Numbing Traps, Cull The Weak, Ambush
Kanai’s Cube: Chanon Bolter, Trag’Oul Coils, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Natalya’s Sight (Flawless Royal Topaz), Natalya’s Embrace (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Aughild’s Power (craft), Aughild’s Search (craft), Natalya’s Touch, ,Natalya’s Bloody Footprint, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond)
Weapon: Dawn (Flawless Royal Emerald), Demon’s Demise (Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Ring: Natalya’s Reflection (Bane of the Trapped), Squirt’s Necklace (Bane of the Stricken), Convention of Elements (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance)

Marauder Sentry

With so much nerfing going on with the Gears of Dread Hungry Arrow build, it’s only a matter of time until the meta changes for the frail-but-high-DPS Demon Hunter. The Marauder Sentry build lets your Demon Hunter put up turrets and gets damage buffs from said turrets. Also, the turrets will fire the Cluster Arrow and other primary attacks/enemy-seeking shots you have equipped. Easy gameplan, and a great way to clear the room really, really fast.

The Marauder Sentry’s few downsides include low mobility and heavy reliance on positioning, since you are setting up turrets and finding the best place to fire your Cluster Bombs to get max damage and AoE on mobs. Still, this build is the way to go if you want a top-tier Demon Hunter that can go solo. The best part about this set is that you can acquire it easily via Haedrig’s Gift for this season’s early rewards.


LMB – Evasive Fire (Focus)
RMB- Cluster Arrow (Cluster Bombs)
1- Sentry (Polar Station)
2 – Companion (Wolf Companion)
3- Vault (Tumble)
4 – Vengeance (Seethe)

Passives: Cull the Weak, Ambush, Custom Engineering, Ballistics
Kanai’s Cube Power:
Manticore, Zoey’s Secret, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Marauder’s Visage (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Marauder’s Spine, Marauder’s Gloves, Marauder’s Carapace (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle (craft), Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond, craft)
Weapon: Yang’s Recurve (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Bombardier’s Rucksack
Amulet/Ring: Focus (Bane of the Trapped), Restraint (Enforcer), Squirt’s Necklace (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance)

Gears Of Dreadlands Hungering Arrow

This Demon Hunter build lets you use Hungering Arrow and Strafe for max damage. Not only is this build great for most D3 activities, but you can also get the set easily via Haedrig’s Gift Season rewards.


LMB – Hungering Arrow (Devouring Arrow)
RMB – Strafe (Drifting Shadow)
1 – Companion (Wolf Companion)
2 – Preparation (Focused Mind)
3 – Smoke Screen (Special Recipe)
4 – Vengeance (Dark Heart)

Passives: Tactical Advantage, Ambush, Cull the Weak, Numbing Traps
Kanai’s Cube Power: The Ninth Sirri Satchel, Depth Diggers, Convention of Elements


Armour & Set: Dystopian Goggles (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Mechanical Pauldrons, Gas Powered Automail Forearm, Galvanized Vest (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Cold Cathode Trousers (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Antique Vintage Boots, Hunter’s Wrath, Wraps of Clarity,
Weapon: Fortress Ballista (1xFlawless Royal Emerald), Dawn (1x Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Ring: Squirt’s Necklace (Bane of the Trapped), Focus (Taeguk), Restraint (Simplicity’s Strength)


Waste Whirlwind Rend

Still the best and most consistent Barbarian build ever. Spin to win using Whirlwind, but with Rend effects. Furious Charge to get to one spot super-fast and get all the buffs from Band of Might. The Essence Anguish makes it all the more painful for mobs. You get this set as part of Haedrig’s Gift in Season 27.


LMB – Furious Charge (Merciless Assault)
RMB – Whirlwind (Wind Shear)
1 – Rend (Bloodbath)
2- Sprint (Marathon)
3- Ignore Pain (Bravado)
4 -Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity)

Passives: Rampage, Nerves of Steel, Boon of Bul-Kathos, Pound of Flesh
Kanai’s Cube: The Furnace, Mantle of Channeling, Band of Might


Armour & Set: Helm of the Wastes (1x Diamond), Pauldrons of the Waste (Sanctified), Gauntlet of the Wastes, Cuirass of the Wastes (3x Diamond), Tasset of the Wastes (2x Diamond), Sabaton of the Wastes, Lamentation, Mortick’s Brace.
Weapons: In-geom (Essence of Anguish), Ambo’s Pride (1x Emerald)
Amulet/Rings: Squirt’s Necklace (Molten Wildebeast’s Gizzard), Focus (Taeguk), Restraint (Bane of the Trapped).


Raekor Boulder Toss

If you like charging headfirst into danger and throwing exploding rocks for guaranteed crits and kills, this Barbarian build is for you. The Raekor set received a reworking last season and its current power levels have yet to be nerfed by Blizzard. So go nuts and rock out, so to speak.


LMB- Weapon Throw (Balanced Weapon)
RMB -Ancient Spear (Boulder Toss)
1 – Ignore Pain (Iron Hide)
2 – Battle Rage (Bloodshed)
3 – Furious Charge (Set and equipment will give you all Runes)
4 – Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity)

Passives: Rampage, Relentless, No Escape, Boon of Bul-Kathos
Kanai’s Cube: The Furnace, Ancient Parthan Defenders, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Raekor’s Will (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Raekor’s Burden, Raekor’s Wrap, Raekor’s Heart (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Skular’s Salvation, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Raekor’s Striders
Weapons: The Three Hundredth Spear (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Arreat’s Law (1x Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Rings: The Traveler’s Pledge (Bane of the Stricken), The Compass Rose (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance), Band of Might (Bane of the Trapped)



Rathma Army of the Dead

The best Necromancer builds are all Legacy of Dreams-focused (at least for other Seasons; see the next build), so we have to resort to this Rathma set to make your life a bit easier. The Bones of Rathma Necromancer build is pet-focused & comes with a nuke: summon skeletons, bum rush them onto enemies, use Army of the Dead often and stay away from enemies. You get this set as part of Haedrig’s Gift in Season 27.


LMB- Grim Scythe (Cursed Scythe)
RMB- Command Skeletons (Frenzy)
1- Bone Armor (Dislocation)
2 – Army of the Dead (Blighted Grasp)
3 – Blood Rush (Potency)
4 – Revive (Horrific Return)

Passives: Spreading Malediction, Eternal Torment, Swift Harvest, Grisly Tribute
Kanai’s Cube: Nayr’s Black Death, Fate’s Vow, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Rathma’s Skull Helmet (1x Diamond), Rathma’s Spikes, Rathma’s Macabre Vambrace, Rathma’s Ribcage Plate (3x Topaz), Rathma’s Ossified Sabatons, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Topaz), Bonds of C’Lena.
Weapons: Jesseth Skullscythe (1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Jesseth Skullshield
Amulet/Rings: Squirt’s Necklace (Gogok of Swiftness), Krysbin’s Sentence (Sanctified, Bane of the Trapped), Convention of Elements (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance)


Trag’Oul Death Nova

The Trag’Oul set has been reworked for Season 27, and for the better too! This build lets you use up your life to cast Blood Novas for insane damage (via the set), and your chances at surviving solo are pretty high. This set is arguably better than the existing Legacy of Dreams Necromancer Nova build that was dominating the Season meta for quite a while. If you want to try something a little more different than skeletons and nukes, go for this AoE-focused build.


LMB- Siphon Blood (Set & equipment will give you all Runes)
RMB – Death Nova (Blood Nova)
1 – Bone Armor (Dislocation)
2 – Frailty (Aura of Frailty)
3 – Blood Rush (Set & equipment will grant you all Runes)
4 – Simulacrum (Blood & Bone)

Passives: Spreading Malediction, Stand Alone, Swift Harvesting, Final Service
Kanai’s Cube: Bloodtide Blade, Mantle of Channeling, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Trag’Oul’s Guise, Trag’Oul’s Claws, Trag’Oul’s Scales (3x Flawless Royal Topaz), Trag’Oul’s Hide (2x Flawless Royal Topaz), Trag’Oul’s Stalwart Greaves, Aughild’s Power, Aughild’s Search, Dayntee’s Binding
Weapons: Funenary Pick (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Iron Rose (1x Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Rings: Haunted Visions (Bane of the Stricken), Krysbin’s Sentence (Bane of the Trapped), Convention of Elements (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance)



Tal Rasha Meteor

Arguably the most iconic Diablo playstyle for spellcasters, the Tal Rasha Meteor build lets you summon tons of one-hit kill Meteors with little to no cost as long as you use all four elements for damage-dealing. The AoE and explosion effects are a joy to behold. Like any Wizard build, you have to play keepaway and ranged since it’s squishy as heck.

You can also get the Tal Rasha set easily via Season 27’s Haedrig’s Gift reward.


LMB – Spectral Blade (Ice Blades)
RMB – Meteor (Star Pact)
1 – Black Hole (Spell Steal)
2 – Familiar (Sparkflint)
3 – Teleport (Safe Passage)
4 – Storm Armor (Shocking Aspect)

Passives: Audacity, Arcane Dynamo, Illusionist, Elemental Exposure
Kanai’s Cube: The Smoldering Core, The Shame of Delsere, Ring of Royal Grandeur,


Armour & Set: Tal Rasha’s Grasp, Tal Rasha’s Stride (2x Flawless Royal Ruby), Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit (3x Flawless Royal Ruby), Tal Rasha’s Brace, Nilfur’s Boast, Aughild’s Power, Aughild’s Search, Mempo of Twilight (Flawless Royal Topaz)
Weapons: The Grand Vizier (Sanctified, Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Rings: Tal Rasha’s Allegiance (Bane of the Stricken), Convention of Elements (Bane of the Trapped), Halo of Karini (Esoteric Alteration)



Raiment Generator

This set alternates between Dashing Strike and Way of Hundred Fists for about 6,000% worth of damage, and is blazing fast too. Given the fact that the Inna sets are nerfed in this season, you’ll have to use an alternative set that’s also part of Haedrig’s Gift. The Raiment of a Thousand Storms set will do just fine in that regard.


LMB – Way of the Hundred Fists (Hands of Lightning)
RMB – Serenity (Ascension)
1 – Mantra of Salvation (Agility)
2 – Breath of Heaven (Infused With Light)
3 – Dashing Strike (Blinding Speed)
4 – Epiphany (Desert Shroud)

Passives: Beacon of Ytar, Harmony, Alacrity, Seize the Initiative
Kanai’s Cube: Flying Dragon, Depth Diggers, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Mask of the Searing Sky (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Mantle of the Upside-Down Sinners, Fists of Thunder, Heart of the Crashing Wave (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Spirit Guards, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Eight-Demons Boot
Weapons: Shenlong’s Fist of Legend (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Shenlong’s Relentless Assault
Amulet/Rings: The Traveler’s Pledge (Bane of the Trapped), Compass Rose (Simplicity’s Strength), Unity (Bane of the Stricken)



Aegis Of Valor Heaven’s Fury

One of the armour sets you can get as Haedrig’s Gift when you complete all Season 28 season challenges. This Crusader build lets you deal a ton of AoE damage, features good sustain, and is an excellent single target damage-dealer build. However, it’s pretty slow and clunky to deal with.


LMB – Fist of the Heavens (Divine Well)
RMB – Heaven’s Fury (Blessed Ground)
1 – Iron Skin (Flash)
2 – Judgment (Debilitate)
3 – Provoke (Hit Me)
4 – Akarat’s Champion (Prophet)

Passives: Hold Your Ground, Finery, Heavenly Strength, Holy Cause
Kanai’s Cube: Ivory Tower, Aquila Cuirass, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Crown of Valor (Flawless Royal Diamond), Spaulders of Valor, Brigadine of Valor (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Gauntlets of Valor, Chausses of Valor (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Bracers of Fury, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Waders,
Weapons: Fate of the Fell (1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Shield of Fury (1x Flawless Royal Emerald)
Amulet/Rings: Convention of Elements (Bane of the Stricken), Compass Rose (Esoteric Alteration), The Traveler’s Pledge (Bane of the Trapped)

Akkhan Condemn

A tanky and great AoE-focused Crusader build that’s sure to thrive in this current Season, particularly due to the Angelic Crucible power that’s specific to Falling Sword.


LMB – Justice (Sword of Justice)
RMB – Judgment (Akkhan set will activate all Runes)
1 – Phalanx (Bowmen)
2 – Falling Sword (Rapid Descent)
3 – Laws of Valor (Unstoppable Force)
4 – Akarat’s Champion (Prophet)

Passives: Heavenly Strength, Lord Commander, Finery, Long Arm of the Law
Kanai’s Cube: Frydehr’s Wrath, Tasker & Theo, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Warhelm of Kassar (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Pauldrons of Akkhan, Gauntlets of Akkhan, Breastplate of Akkhan (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Sabatons Of Akkhan, Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Strongarm Bracers
Weapons: Blade of Prophecy (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Unrelenting Phalanx
Amulet/Rings: Talisman of Akkhan (Bane of the Trapped), Focus (Bane of the Stricken), Restraint (Enforcer)


Witch Doctor

Zunimassa Poison Dart

After enjoying some highs in past Seasons, the Witch Doctor is now back on the bench. However, the Zunimassa Poison Dart Fetish-filled pet build is still powerful enough to power through the Season, especially with the new Heaven Powers the class can acquire.


LMB – Poison Dart (Spined Dart)
RMB – Pirahnas (Pirahnado)
1 – Spirit Walk (Jaunt)
2 – Fetish Army (Legion of Daggers)
3 – Soul Harvest (Languish)
4 – Horrify (Frightening Aspect)

Passives: Spirit Vessel, Grave Injustice, Fetish Syncophants, Pierce the Veil
Kanai’s Cube: Echoing Fury, Mask of Jeram, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Carnevil (1x Flawless Royal Diamond), Zunimassa’s Marrow (3x Flawless Royal Ruby), Zunimassa’s Finger Wraps, Aughild’s Power, Aughild’s Search, Depth Diggers, Zunimassa’s Trail, The Witching Hour
Weapons: The Dagger of Darts (Sanctified, 1x Flawless Royal Emerald), Zunimassa’s String of Skulls
Amulet/Rings: Squirt’s Necklace (Bane of the Stricken), Zunimassa’s Pox (Simplicity’s Strength), Convention of Elements (Enforcer)

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