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Diablo 4 Early Access & Open Beta Leveling Up Guide: How To Reach Level 20

Diablo 4 may be coming out this early June of 2023, but the game’s Early Access and open beta sessions will be up and running during the weekends of 17 March and 24 March respectively. As such, players and action RPG fans will be trying out the game if they happen to have a code, getting to know the classes and grinding to the level cap of 25 while exploring Sanctuary and its demon-filled glory.

This guide is for anyone who has access to the Early Access version of the game and the open beta. Here’s how you can level up and get the awesome Wolf Pet tied to your Battle.net account. For even more Diablo 4 info, head here. 

Keep in mind: Diablo 4’s start time for both Early Access is on 18 March 0:00 GMT+8, while its end time is on 21st March 3am GMT+8. The Open Beta starts at 25th March 0:00 GMT+8 and ends on 28th March 3am GMT+8.


Head here for the game’s list of Legendary Weapons and Gear so far.


Diablo 4 How To Get Wolf Pet

This is easy to do: just get to Level 20 with any character in the Diablo 4 Early Access and Open Beta. Just kill enemies, get loot, and complete quests; you can achieve this in a few hours.

Beta progress will not carry over to the live launch, but the Wolf Pet reward will be tied to your battle.net account. You will also receive the Initial Casualty title (reach Kyovashad) and Early Voyager title (reach level 20).

Diablo 4 Early Access & Open Beta Basic Tips

-Progress carries over to the second weekend. This is important since your Renown, Codex Powers, and Items carry over. If you plan on powering up your Druid and Necromancer, having all this sorted on the first weekend means you get a big head start in the second weekend!

-Renown is important! Renown can be gained by activating Waypoints, finding Altars of Lilith, finishing Side Quests & Dungeons, and rescuing Strongholds. Having a lot of this means more Skill/Paragon points and Potion charges.

-Level up your potions. Yes, you can do that in Diablo 4; look for materials as you explore Sanctuary to do this.

-Press Shift over an item in your inventory to compare it to what you’re wearing. You’ll be doing this a lot since Diablo 4 is a gear-heavy game.

-Do not Imprint your Weapons. Your Weapon is your most important piece of gear when leveling up, and it gets replaced constantly. Imprinting a Legendary Aspect on it is a huge waste of resources; Imprint offensive Aspects onto Amulets instead since those are harder to find and can last you until you hit Level 25.


Diablo 4 Class Level Guide For Early Access/Open Beta



The Barbarian is a melee hack-and-slash class that loves to leap around and also spin attacks enemies to death. Use the spin-to-win method of combat ala Diablo 3’s famous set class solo move: Whirlwind. Some things never change.

When you start out, focus on Flay since it applies Vulnerable and Bleed onto enemies. You can unlock Enhanced Flay at Level 3.

When you reach Level 4, you can unlock Whirlwind. When you reach Level 5, you can unlock Enhanced Whirlwind. You can build Fury with Flay, then use Whirlwind on mobs and Elites, as well as Bosses. Simple, but effective!

Once you reach later levels, you can unlock Leap at Level 13 to solve mobility issues with the Barbarian; you can get to far areas and deal good damage, followed up with Flay/Whirlwind. You should pick up Rallying Cry around Level 8 and buff it up, then focus on buffing up Whirlwind at Level 11 and 12. Add Power Leap at Level 16 for added Fury generation.

At Level 18, you can unlock Death Blow: this move lets you generate 20 Fury when we hit enemies with it. It has a long cooldown, but it resets if you kill an enemy with it. So target weaker enemies with it so that you can chain Death Blows.

Once you hit Level 22, you should upgrade Booming Voice to extend your Shout duration. When you hit Level 25, use your last skill point for Call of the Ancients, which is pretty good to use against bosses.

Barbarian Level Up Guide (Skill Points)

Level 2: Flay
Level 3: Enhanced Flay
Level 4: Whirlwind
Level 5: Enhanced Whirlwind
Level 6: Violent Whirlwind
Level 7: Battle Flay
Level 8: Rallying Cry
Level 9: Enhanced Rallying Cry
Level 10: Tactical Rallying Cry
Level 11: Whirlwind
Level 12: Whirlwind
Level 13: Leap
Level 14: War Cry
Level 15: Enhanced Leap
Level 16: Power Leap
Level 17: Whirlwind
Level 18: Death Blow
Level 19: Enhanced Death Blow
Level 20: Fighter’s Death Blow
Level 21: Whirlwind
Level 22: Booming Voice
Level 23: Booming Voice
Level 24: Booming Voice
Level 25: Call of the Ancients



The Rogue is the fastest class available. They move quick and also hits hard, and then get out of the way. Whether you love sniping or hit-and-run damage tactics, you can expect the Rogue to pile on the DPS and damage like nobody’s business.

When you start out, you want to focus on AoE burst damage and moves like Shadow Imbuement (imbue next two attacks with extra effects & debuffs). When you reach Level 4, you can choose either Barrage or Flurry as primary Core skills; the former is for ranged attacks while the latter is for melee. This is entirely up to you; either one are great options with the assigned attacks and skills listed below. Both Barrage and Flurry are simple to use and reward you if you are positioned well while attacking; basically just position yourself so you hit the most targets with each attack.

When you reach Level 8 and proceed to Level 17, you want to focus on mobility and more damage. Unlock Dash when you reach Level 8; this skill lets you zip around the battlefield to engage, escape, or reposition for ranged/melee attacks. At Level 13, unlock Subterfuge Skills and pick up Dark Shroud for protection; every little bit helps as Rogues aren’t known for high health points. At level 15, you can unlock Rogue Specialization -Combo Points to get Shadow Imbuement. This skill will help with your AoE as it can make opponents explode for big damage if killed with imbued attacks.

When you hit Level 20, you should switch to the other Rogue Specialization – Inner Sight which refills all Energy and allows skill spamming with infinite resources for a limited time. When it comes to Ultimates when you hit Level 25, pick Shadow Clone because having another you around to deal more damage is always the best option especially when fighting Elites and Bosses.

Rogue Level Up Guide (Skill Points)

Level 2: Forceful Arrow
Level 3: Enhanced Forceful Arrow
Level 4: Barrage/Flurry (Ranged/Melee)
Level 5: Enhanced Barrage/Flurry
Level 6: Improved Barrage/Flurry
Level 7: Primary Forceful Arrow
Level 8: Dash
Level 9: Shadow Step
Level 10: Barrage/Flurry
Level 11: Barrage/Flurry
Level 12: Barrage/Flurry
Level 13: Dark Shroud
Level 14: Enhanced Dark Shroud
Level 15: Subverting Dark Shroud
Level 16: Barrage/Flurry
Level 17: Exploit
Level 18: Shadow Imbuement
Level 19: Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
Level 20: Blended Shadow Imbuement, Switch Combo Points to Inner Sight
Level 21: Shadow Crash
Level 22: Consuming Shadows
Level 23: Consuming Shadows
Level 24: Exploit
Level 25: Exploit, then remove Shadow Step, add Shadow Clone



The Sorcerer is a master at commanding the elements to kill demons from afar and is the leader of all things area-of-effect (AoE). She has ice spells, fire attacks via a Hydra summon, and chain lightning attacks ala Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. The Sorcerer is pure ranged attack all the way; do not be an idiot and rush head-first into battle.

For this instance, you may want to focus on summoning Hydras and Fireballs for AoE damage; blow stuff up until nothing’s left, in other words. We start off with Frost Bolts at Level 2 onward, then go with Fireball at Level 5. At Level 8, you should focus on defense and survivability, so unlocking Teleport (to get out of danger), Frost Nova, and Ice Armor are key to doing this.

At Level 13, you can start summoning Hydras for dealing single-target damage. Do learn how to place your Hydras as positioning them means maximizing damage and also dealing with enemy packs & Elites.

When you reach Level 15, do the Sorcerer special quest; you’ll get the ability to use enchantments.

From Level 18 to 25, focus on getting Meteor and buffing up Hydra and Fireball. Use Meteor for the sole enchantment slot so that your attacks have a small chance to summon a random Meteor (access it via pressing “S” to bring up the quick skill menu). If you rather see fireworks, use Fireball as an enchantment.

Sorceress Level Up Guide

Level 2: Frost Bolt
Level 3: Enhanced Frost Bolt
Level 4: Glinting Frost Bolt
Level 5: Fireball
Level 6: Enhanced Fireball
Level 7: Destructive Fireball
Level 8: Teleport
Level 9: Frost Nova
Level 10: Ice Armor
Level 11: Enhanced Ice Armor
Level 12: Fireball
Level 13: Hydra
Level 14: Enhanced Hydra
Level 15: Summoned Hydra
Level 16: Hydra
Level 17: Hydra
Level 18: Meteor
Level 19: Enhanced Meteor
Level 20: Wizard’s Meteor
Level 21: Hydra
Level 22: Hydra
Level 23:Fireball
Level 24: Fireball
Level 25: Fireball

Enchantment Setup:
Use Meteor or Fireball; either one’s great for damage. If you have gear that boosts your Lucky Hit/Criticals, Meteor wins out.


The Necromancer is adept at summoning all sorts of macabre and undead to assault foes. While a ranged and spellcasting kind of class, the Necromancer’s best skill lies in its Book of the Dead specialization skill. See, the Necromancer starts at level 1 with the ability to summon skeletons from corpses. Corpses are another resource for the Necromancer to use; they can generate this by killing foes and they’re left on the ground until the Necromancer uses it via one of their spells.

For the sake of the beta and its ranged meta, we’ll focus on a Bone and Summon build for the Necromancer. Basically, you start off the early levels with a mix of Bone Splinters, Bone Spear, Corpse Explosion, and some Skeleton soldier buffs. Later on, you should use Bone Spirit as a one-hit-kill-all mega bomb you can use, as well as use a few Bone-related passives to boost critical hits and bonuses for your Bone attacks. Your extra Bone skill enhancements from the base skill will allow you to inflict Vulnerable onto foes, meaning they’re get more damage from follow-up attacks from either you, your skeletons, or your party.

Regarding the Book of the Dead specialization, it’s better to have an army of skeletons and skeleton mages protecting you instead of using the Sacrifice bonus. For your path to level 25, just focus on getting a little help from your undead pals. Protip: if you have max Skeletons, just consume a corpse with the Summon Skeleton key to heal and buff up your army for a short time.

Level 2: Bone Splinter
Level 3: Enhanced Bone Splinter
Level 4: Initiate’s Bone Splinters
Level 5: Bone Spear
Level 6: Enhanced Bone Spear
Level 7: Supernatural Bone Spear
Level 8: Corpse Explosion
Level 9: Enhanced Corpse Explosion
Level 10: Plagued Corpse Explosion
Level 11: Skeleton Warrior Mastery
Level 12: Skeleton Warrior Mastery
Level 13: Bone Splinter
Level 14: Bone Spear
Level 15: Hewed Flesh
Level 16: Skeleton Warrior Mastery
Level 17: Hewed Flesh
Level 18: Bone Spirit
Level 19: Enhanced Bone Spirit
Level 20:Dreadful Bone Spirit
Level 21: Bone Splinter
Level 22: Bone Spear
Level 23:Skeletal Mage Mastery
Level 24: Corpse Explosion
Level 25: Bone Storm (Best Ultimate)

Book of the Dead Class Skill Setup
Skeletal Warriors: Skirmishers, Raise one additional Skirmisher
Skeletal Mages: Shadow, Shadow Mages fire an additional bolt every 6th attack


The Druid is a thicc master of the elements and animalistic shapeshifting. They can either cast storm spells and earthquakes using Spirit, as well as temporarily become a werewolf/werebear and start slashing/mauling everything and anything in its path.

Due to the current beta’s ranged game meta, we’ll focus more on the Druid’s ranged options. For the starting early level skill points, just focus on Wind Shear and its enhanced versions, particularly the one that generates more Spirit for you. Then, use your future points for Tornado and its enhanced forms. Tornado is the Druid’s best damage-dealing Core Skill that is ranged, though it’s erratic in its trajectory. Tornadoes are great in closed areas, but not so much in open areas; just cast them when up-close to enemy mobs and watch the damage get racked up.

When you reach your Defensive skill tree node, put points in Cyclone Armor for that Knockback status against enemies, especially when they get too close for comfort. If you need allies, put some points in Wolves and Call of the Wild for additional companion damage. When you’re around level 15 onward, you’ll get to one of the Druid’s best spells from the Diablo 2 days: Hurricane. This AoE damage-dealer plus up-close Tornado casts equals big damage, followed up with a Cyclone Armor activation to knock them away once Hurricane’s effect ends. Add a point to Elemental Exposure and Endless Tempest to make enemies Vulnerable from any single Storm spell you inflict, and also to make your Hurricane last longer.

For your Ultimate, just pick Cataclysm. The cooldown is pretty long, but its effect is great for open-air arenas.

Level 2: Wind Shear
Level 3: Enhanced Wind Shear
Level 3: Wild Wind Shear
Level 4: Tornado
Level 5: Enhanced Tornado
Level 6: Raging Tornado
Level 7: Tornado
Level 8: Cyclone Armor
Level 9: Enhanced Cyclone Armor
Level 10: Preserving Cyclone Armor
Level 11: Tornado
Level 12: Wolves
Level 13: Call of the Wild
Level 14: Tornado
Level 15: Hurricane
Level 16: Enhanced Hurricane
Level 17: Natural Hurricane
Level 18: Elemental Exposure
Level 19: Endless Tempest
Level 20: Hurricane
Level 21: Tornado
Level 22: Hurricane
Level 23: Hurricane
Level 24: Hurricane
Level 25: Cataclysm

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