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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Upgrade Gear & Get The Best Traits

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be collecting a ton of loot and gear from chests, enemies, and dungeon-running. Enemies will get tougher as you explore further from Hogwarts, so your gear needs to be in shape with the best stats and traits.

The effectiveness of your gear can be upgraded in the game; you will need to create a particular tool in the Room of Requirement which is accessible after 6 hours via main quest content.

How To Upgrade Gear & Add Traits

You need to conjure the Enchanted Loom in the Room of Requirement. Thankfully this is a main quest so you will not miss it: just complete the quest “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom”.

To conjure the Enchanted Loom during the quest, you need eight Moonstone; just look for crystalline nodes when you’re outdoors and blast them to collect Moonstone. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Once conjured, just interact with it to access the upgrade menu. Gear in Hogwarts Legacy comes with a primary offense stat, or a defense stat. The Enchanted Loom adds one secondary stat and apply specific traits to your gear. To add them, you need the required resources which increase the higher the upgrade level (like beast materials you can get from treating your beasts & pets right). These buffs and traits are useful as they add either damage buffs or boost effectiveness against certain enemies like poachers and trolls.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Traits For Your Gear

Here’s a list of traits you should aim for:

Offense Traits Explanation
Herbology III ?Increases the damage of all plants.
?Best used for a playstyle that focuses on using plants in combat.
Concentration III ?Increases the damage of all Damage spells.
?Best used for players that use Expelliarmus or when dealing with enemies that are weak to Incendio and Confringo such as spiders and Inferi.
Control III ?Increases the damage of Ancient Magic Throw.
?Excellent for greatly reducing an enemy’s health or for breaking shields.
Unforgivable III ?Increases the damage dealt to cursed targets.
?Best used for a playstyle using Unforgivable Curses and has talent points in Dark Arts.


Defense Trait Explanation
Protego Shielding III ?Decreases the damage taken from Dark wizards.
?Best used when fighting against regular Dark wizards and Infamous Foes.
Anti-Venom III ?Decreases the damage taken from spiders.
?You will encounter various spiders in small spaces as part of the main story quest, so it is best to equip this trait when going inside dungeons and tombs.
Goblin-Silver Resistance III ?Decreases the damage taken from goblins.
?Most of the enemies you encounter in main story quests are goblins, so it is recommended to equip this trait to reduce damage.


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