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Shazam 2 Ending & Post Credits Scenes Explained

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (or Shazam 2 for this article) is out right now in Southeast Asia for every comic book fan out there still keeping track of the DC Extended Universe. Is it fun? You betcha; go check it out now if you want a fun family-friendly superhero films with a good balance of jokes and drama. While not the most memorable of the lot, it’s still a fun ride that’s worth the price of admission.

The show ended on quite a high note, though we don’t know if it’ll matter in James Gunn’s new DC universe. In any case, here’s the part where we talk about the last 20 minutes of the film, including the mid-credits and post-credits scenes. So spoiler warning!

How Shazam 2 Ended

The show ends on a climatic battle between Shazam/Billy Batson and the gods from the title. One of them, Kalypso, is off her rockers and wants to destroy Earth by having the Seed of Life (the show’s macguffin) grow on Earth, which will destroy it. The seed also grows Greek monsters like minotaurs, harpies, chimeras, cyclopses. And also unicorns; we’ll get to that in the bit.

Shazam/Billy Batson confronts Kalypso after making a deal with the dying Hespera (who got killed by Kalypso’s dragon in an expected face turn) to make the dome smaller and encompassing the Seed of Life’s growth spot after evacuating the citizens of Philadelphia away from it.

Shazam’s Marvel family, depowered by the magic staff Kalypso wields, help out by using the aforementioned unicorns to herd all the rogue monsters in one spot. MVP award goes to Darla (Faithe Herman) for taming the fierce unicorns using Skittles, which is the closest thing you’ll get to ambrosia (a unicorn’s favourite treat).

Shazam/Billy Batson sacrifices himself for his town of Philadelphia by overloading the magic staff while fighting Kalypso (Lucy Liu) and her CGI dragon. Apparently the two were a match for god sisters Anthea and Hespera, who turned good after Kalypso’s madness took over.

So yeah, they killed off Shazam. Everyone’s sad from the Marvel family, the foster parents, and the wizard. They buried him in a place fit for gods: the magic Greek location the sisters resided.

But wait! We can’t end it on such a downer note. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot plus the “Is She With You?” Hans Zimmer theme) pops up as a deus ex machina to remind everyone that she still exists in the DC Universe, and uses her godhood to power up the staff and bring magic back to the abandoned god place.

Where was she during all that god/dragon/dome nonsense happening in America? Who cares? Shazam/Billy Batson comes back from the dead because of magic. And the foster kids got their powers back. And handicapped kid Freddy hooks up with a 6,000-year old Anthea (Rachel Zegler). Hooray!

Mid-Credits Scene

We see two familiar faces talking as they’re walking to their target superhero: John Economos and Agent Emilia Harcourt of The Suicide Squad/Peacemaker fame.

They’ve been told by Amanda Waller to recruit a new hero in the middle of a designated secret spot, which turns to be our hero Shazam. He’s offered a position in the Justice Society (Of America).

Unlike the Justice League, the Justice Society are usually a group of elder superheroes who train younger and less-experienced heroes for a long career. Either that, or this group could be a front for future Amanda Waller shenanigans. In the comics, they were the precursor to the Justice League during the early Golden Age of comics.

The Justice Society already exists in the DCEU, having previously appeared in Black Adam. In that movie, Doctor Fate died, so Amanda Waller is now presumably looking for a magical powerhouse replacement, which Shazam would be perfect for.

Post-Credits Scene

The post-credit scene shows Doctor Sivana, now with a beard. After waiting for two years in his prison (with the same chalk scribblings), he hears back from Mr Mind the caterpillar. The latter said that plans will soon be set in motion, while Sivana complains about waiting. After some back and forth, Mr Mind says he needs to do one more thing and zips out, making Doctor Sivana wait again.

This could be a troll attempt from the directors and address the previous mid-credits scene from the first Shazam movie. Then again, this could mean that DCEU overseers James Gunn and Peter Safran may have plans for Mr Mind in a future Shazam movie. While there is no word on a Shazam sequel happening in the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters set of DC films, the “Monsters” part might be something worth tackling in a future Shazam film.

After all, Mr Mind is the leader of the Monster Society of Evil. Gods and Monsters…Monster Society… there could be something there even if we’re reading into this too much.


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