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Street Fighter 6: Guile Move List & Guide

Street Fighter 6 is coming out on 2nd June, which is just less than a month away. As such, the game’s roster for its launch is set with 18 characters, each with their various playstyles.

In this entry, we’ll be focusing on Guile, the US Marine soldier with the Sonic Booms, Flash Kicks, and gravity-defying haircut.

Note: This guide is still in development.
All inputs are in numpad notations. For example, Hadouken from player 1’s starting side is 236P.
Attack buttons are as follows: LP, MP, HP are light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch respectively. LK, MK, and HK are light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick respectively. None of this Fierce or Roundhouse bulls*** in Asia. 

Info & video credits: Capcom


Street Fighter 6 Guile Overview

Everybody’s favourite fighting game turtler/machi with the two iconic moves since Street Fighter 2 is back and older than ever. Guile’s gameplan is still the same: wait for your opponent to do something stupid, then punish them with his Flash Kick. Then just keep pelting them from afar with Sonic Booms until they come in.

Guile has tons of spacing and footsie tools that hit pretty hard, though they do have not as much combo potential when compared to someone like Juri and Jamie. Still, if you prefer to stay on the defensive, you can’t go wrong with this family man.

Play If: You love turtling & playing incredibly defensive, love to win by time outs, and occasionally going in when you have your install ready.

Avoid If: You prefer playing risky, don’t like charge moves & inputs, prefer rushdown and fast buttons.


Street Fighter 6 Guile Move List


Special Attacks

Sonic Boom: [4]6P. Press 6 + an attack button simultaneously to change effect. Cross your arms with such speed that you fire a rotating aerial slash. Useful for checking distant opponents or as a way to start offensive pressure.

Somersault Kick: [2]8K. Press 8 + an attack button simultaneously to change effect. Perform a backwards somersault while unleashing a devastating kick. It is invincible against jumping attacks, making it useful as an anti-air technique.

Sonic Blade: 214P. Place a stationary, vertically rotating aerial slash in front of you. Become a two-hit aerial slash if combined with a Sonic Boom. Same move from Street Fighter 5, but now a normal move instead of a V-Skill.

  • Sonic Cross: 6P. During Sonic Blade. Press 6 + an attack button simultaneously to change effect. Combine Sonic Blade with another aerial slash and fire it as a projectile.

Sonic Break: P+P. During Solid Puncher. Used to fire aerial slashes while Solid Puncher is active. The speed of the projectile can be modified with directional inputs.

  • Sonic Break: P. During Solid Puncher. During Sonic Boom or Sonic Break. Used to fire aerial slashes while Solid Puncher is active. Can be repeated up to 4 times, and can also be input following a Sonic Boom for additional attacks.

Super Arts

Sonic Hurricane (Level 1 Super Art): [4]646P. Fire a massive aerial slash directly ahead. An extremely versatile move that can be used in combos, to counter projectile, or as a way to turn the tables when being pressured. The angle of the attack can be changed depending on the command input.

Solid Puncher (Level 2 Super Art): 214214P. Install that lets you use Sonic Break. Former V-Trigger in SF5; pretty useful for comebacks and combos when you want Guile to go on the offensive.

Crossfire Somersault (Level 3 Super Art): [4]646K. Launch your opponent into the air and follow up with a mighty somersault kick. It has invincibility at the beginning, making it useful as an anti-air attack or as a way to turn the tables on your opponent.

Unique Attacks

Full Bullet Magnum: 6MP. An overhead attack that cannot be blocked while crouching.

Bruning Straight: 4HP. A quick strike that can be cancelled into special moves.

Spinning Back Knuckle: 6HP. Move forward while striking with the back of your fist. Allows you to move before your opponent even if blocked.

Knee Bazooka: 4LK. A forward-moving knew strike that’s quick and difficult to counterattack. Can be performed while maintaining your backward charge.

Rolling Sobat: 4MP/6MP. A quick hop kick that’s difficult to counterattack. Depending on what direction you hold, you can move either forward or backward while performing it.

Reverse Spin Kick: 6HK. An attack with long reach that is useful against an opponent’s sweeps.

Guile High Kick: 3HK. A high kick that is useful against jumping opponents. Can be performed while maintaining your downward charge.

Recoil Cannon: MP>4HP. A combination attack that sends an opponent flying.

Double Shot: 2MP>2MP. A quick series of attacks that can be cancelled into special moves.

Drake Fang: 2MK>2MP. A low attack followed by an overhead attack.

Phantom Cutter: 2HK>3HK. A low attack into a high kick that launches an opponent into the air. These two hits form a combo if done as a Punish Counter.

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