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Cities Skylines 2 Dev Promises Future Patches To Fix Game Issues

In a new blog post, Cities Skylines developer Colossal Order has detailed what’s coming in future updates and patches for the recently released sim management game.

The statement reads:

Firstly, we want to assure you that the issues are not deeply rooted in the game’s foundation, so we fully expect to be able to improve performance going forward. The issues we are currently facing are tied to the rendering of the game, and decreasing the quality of visual effects such as Depth of Field, Global Illumination, and Volumetrics will get you a fair performance without affecting simulation – at the cost of some eye candy. If you experience low FPS we recommend the following:

  • Reduce screen resolution to 1080p

  • Disable Depth of Field and Volumetrics

  • Reduce Global Illumination

They also promised that they will push a series of small patches and a big one to improve different areas of performance.

Other issues they will address include:

  • Remove stutters, generally caused by some synchronization condition in the simulation. They can vary greatly from one CPU to another, as well as how your city is built.
  • Optimize and balance GPU performances by reducing the number of vertices processed per frame and optimizing/balancing the effects that affect fillrate (mainly Depth of Field, Global Illumination, and Volumetrics), which you can turn off or reduce in the settings for the time being to get a decent FPS.
  • Pushing any CPU optimizations that are not already done that we come across in this process.

Cities Skylines 2 is now available on PC and Xbox PC Game Pass.

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