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She-Hulk Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nexus Mods Removes Marvel's Spider-Man Anti-Pride Flag Mod: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nike Air Force 1 Street Fighter III Celebrates EVO Moment #37: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
MCU Phase 6 Announced, Fantastic Four & Avengers In The Mix

During San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios have announced the MCU Phase 6 slate, and revealed that Phases 4 to 6 will be referred to as the Multiverse Saga. The MCU Phase 6 is as follows: Fantastic Four - 8 November 2024 https://twitter.com/Marvel/status/1551009814322585600 Avengers The Kang Dynasty - 2 May 2025 https://twitter.com/Marv...

Legendary Comic Book Artist George Perez Has Died

Comic book artist George Pérez, best known for his influential works for DC Comics in the 80s, has passed away. He was 67 years old. https://twitter.com/SunshineCVE/status/1522984600640929799 He lost his battle to stage 3 pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed with in December. Perez told fans that he will not be going through chemotherap...

Embracer Group Will Buy Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, & Square Enix Montreal, Plus Its IPs

Embracer Group, the investment firm who recently bought Gearbox Software, are continuing its buying spree with notable Square Enix Western studios. The group has entered an agreement to acquire Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider, Marvel's Avengers), Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy), and Square Enix Montreal. The group has al...

Better Late Than Never; Here’s The Spider-Man Reveal Trailer For The Marvel’s Avengers Game

It's been a year, and Square Enix is still trying to justify spending millions on the Avengers live service action game. Here they are again with the next addition to the title, which is kinda late but better than never, I suppose. Spider-Man will be popping up for the PlayStation versions of Marvel's Avengers as an extra playable character on 3...

Marvel’s Loki Guide: What You Need To Know Before Watching The Disney+ Hotstar Series

It's already been close to a month after the last Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series has wrapped up, which means there's another one in tow. That's right: the next subject of the MCU serialized story fiesta is none other than Loki in his self-titled show. Let's talk about our star players in the upcoming Disney+ Hotstar show. We'll be delv...

Marvel’s Loki TV Series Airs 9 June On Disney+ Hotstar

Marvel Studios and Disney are making Wednesdays the new Fridays in this latest MCU TV show update. Marvel's Loki, an upcoming fantasy comic book TV show about the trickster Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) will be airing on Disney+ Hotstar starting 9th June. https://twitter.com/LokiOfficial/status/1389973163438747648 Not much is known about...

Hawkeye Joins Marvel’s Avengers On PS5 & Xbox Series This March

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced that Marvel's Avengers will launch for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on 18 March 2021 alongside the new Hawkeye playable character and Operation Future Imperfect story arc. We first met Clint in Kate Bishop’s Operation Taking AIM, where she brought him back from the brink of a huge AIM conspir...

Marvel Avengers Made Square Enix Lose US$63 Million

To say that Marvel's Avengers the game is a huge disappointment is putting it lightly. It wasn't a good multiplayer superhero brawler game. Guess Square Enix got hit hard by negative public reception. Based on their recent second quarter 2021 financial report, the company reported a US$63 million loss over the last few months thanks to Marvel's ...

Still Bummed Out By Avengers? Try These Better Comic Book Superhero Games Instead!

Square Enix's Avengers is not exactly lighting the world on fire, figuratively speaking. With people tired of running the same missions over and over again, and feeling buyer's remorse that they're playing an incomplete game, it's no wonder people have this negative stigma on comic book movie games. While that's mostly justified, there are some ...

Marvel’s Avengers Gets A Patch That Fixes Its Many, MANY Little Problems

I'm sure a good number of you are leveling up your Thors and Captain Americas in Marvel's Avengers. However, there are a ton of glitches and bugs you have to put up with; a bit sad considering the game's triple-A status. No worries, because developer Crystal Dynamics have been working hard to iron out all these kinks via the newly-released Patch...

Disney+ Has Found Its She-Hulk

Marvel Studios has casted its jolly green Attorney-At-Law for its Disney+ She Hulk TV show. It's Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, according to a Variety scoop. She will be playing the title character Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters. She's just as gamma-irradiated as her cousin, but since it's a blood transfusion, she gets to control her moments...

Avengers & Game of Thrones Actress Dame Diana Rigg Died At 82

Actress Dame Diana Rigg, who is famous for portraying the charming Emma Peel in the TV series The Avengers, Mrs. James Bond on On Her Majesty's Secret Service,  and crafty grandma Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, has passed away at the age of 82. She died of cancer after being diagnosed this March. "She spent her last months joyfully reflect...

The Story Of THQ’s Cancelled Avengers Game Has Been Revealed

The first Avengers movie premiered back in 2012. It took Marvel another eight years to eventually work with Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal to release Marvel's Avengers on 4 September 2020. For a company that prided themselves for planning years ahead, why did it take them so long to make an Avengers game? The answer to that is...

Kate Bishop Joins Marvel’s Avengers As First Post-Launch Playable Hero

Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal hosted their Marvel's Avengers War Table September 2020 live stream presentation earlier today, and it revealed a lot of exciting new details about the upcoming game, including a brand new playable character. The developers have confirmed that the very first post-launch playable character additio...

Here’s How Gear & Cosmetics Work In Marvel’s Avengers

With Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game coming this September, the publisher just released a guide to talk about the game's economy in great detail. The post may make your head spin, so we'll do our best to pass you the Cliff's Notes version. The only takeaway here is that most of these are optional and are mostly earned in-game. The ...

All You Need To Know About Marvel’s Latest Cosmic Event

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel postponed its massive annual crossover event for 2020, but now it's finally here. This year that crossover is Empyre; the first issue of the grand and epic cosmic event has arrived to give fans a taste of what to expect from the Marvel Universe in the near future. The best part of Empyre is that the F...

Marvel Is Offering Free Comics Via Its Unlimited App

The COVID-19 is changing up many company's lifestyle and business to the point where any kind of marketing and promotion is better than nothing. And "free comics" is definitely better than most promos since that's what Marvel is doing. Marvel Comics's Marvel Unlimited app is now offering free comics you can read right now. That means no payment in...

That Square Enix Avengers Games Is Delayed Until Late 2020

Remember that Crystal Dynamics Marvel's Avengers game that looked like a simple action-adventure game featuring Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Kamala Khan until someone said it's more than that? Well, it's being delayed. According to a website update (that's been taken down), the Avengers game will be delayed until 4th Sep...

This Hot Toys Endgame Captain America 2012 Version Proves You Can’t Go Wrong With The Classics

While many might find Captain America's suit in 2012's The Avengers to be too cheesy or cringy, it's actually the most faithful to the character's classic costume in the comics. While the more modern versions of it carries much more practical application, there's something about the classic look which stands the test of time. In line with this, as...

Disney Surpasses US$10 Billion In Movie Box Offices Thanks to Remakes

We're always joking about how all forms of entertainment will eventually be owned by Disney in the future. Well, it looks like that future isn't too far off. The studio has just broken another record this year. According to Variety, Disney has earned more than US$10 billion at the worldwide box office. Not only is it the first studio to hit thos...

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