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She-Hulk Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nexus Mods Removes Marvel's Spider-Man Anti-Pride Flag Mod: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nike Air Force 1 Street Fighter III Celebrates EVO Moment #37: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Beast Is An Intense Creature Feature With A Savage Mufasa & Great Performances

You often go into movies like Beast with certain expectations and presumptions of how things are going to go, but it's great when these movies can still surprise you with a good time. Beast doesn't have a complicated plot or characters; the basic premise is as simple as most thrillers, slashers, and/or creature features out there. However, the m...

Netflix’s Wednesday Trailer Teases Tim Burton Style & Darkness

Netflix's Wednesday is a new series focusing on Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) of Addams Family fame. What's unique about this series is that the legendary Tim Burton will direct and executive produce the series, which means that it will feature his signature gothic style and darkness. The rest of the cast includes Catherine Zeta-Jone...

One-Punch Man Season 3 Anime Officially Announced

One-Punch Man fans have been waiting a long time but One-Punch Man Season 3 has finally been officially announced by the official website earlier today. Chikashi Kubota, the character designer for One-Punch Man Season 1 and Season 2, drew the official key art teaser visual for One-Punch Man Season 3 (see below): The first anime season air...

She-Hulk Is A Smashing Sensational Self-Aware Series

She-Hulk Attorney At Law continues the burning hot streak which started with Moon Knight earlier this year, introducing yet another brand new hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) albeit one who is also a legacy hero like Ms. Marvel or Kate Bishop from Hawkeye. Disney+ Hotstar gave us the privilege of watching the first four episodes of Ms....

Satria Dewa Gatotkaca Is Funny & Action-Packed But Inconsistent

The superhero genre is now a billion-dollar industry on its own, so it's no wonder that those outside of the US wants to put their own spin on the popular genre. Indonesia is one of the trailblazing Southeast Asian countries with proper contenders of their own, starting with 2019's Gundala (check out my review of that here). Now, Satria Dewa Gatotk...

The Satria Dewa Gatotkaca Director & Cast Will Be At Sunway Pyramid Tonight

Satria Dewa Gatotkaca director Hanung Bramantyo and cast members, Rizky Nazar (who plays protagonist Yuda AKA Gatotkaca), Fedil Nuril (who plays Aswatama) and Yayan Ruhian (who plays Beceng) will be at Sunway Pyramid tonight (15 August 2022) to attend the Gala Premiere event of the upcoming movie. Part of the Satria Dewa Cinematic Universe, Satr...

Transformers Canon Collab Rolls Out Optimus Prime Camera

Transformers is collaborating with Canon for a new Optimus Prime-themed camera. It's basically a mirrorless Canon EOS R5 camera with an Optimus Prime theme. The accessories for the Transformers x Canon Optimus Prime R5 includes a mini Canon EOS R5 for Optimus to hold as well as the legendary Matrix. It is priced at US$169.99 (or roughly RM756.97...

GSC Cinemas Rolls Out New GSC Rewards Membership

Malaysian cinema chain Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) has rolled out its all-new cinema loyalty membership, GSC Rewards, which gives audiences more reasons to watch movies, dine, and shop at GSC. GSC Rewards lets customers earn 5 GSCoins for every RM1 spent at Aurum Theatre, GSC movie theatres, as well as JIN Gastrobar, Happy Food Co. cafés, Keepsake...

Warner Bros. Discovery Slows Down Development Of Upcoming DC Movies

After just cancelling the Batgirl movie last week, Warner Bros. Discovery seems to be assessing all the other DC film projects as well. Ongoing DC film projects have been slowed down, including Supergirl, Static Shock, Green Lantern Corps and the new Black Superman movie written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. That's according to a report from The Hollywoo...

HBO’s The Last Of Us Finds Its Henry & Sam

HBO's The Last of Us has officially cast the roles of Henry and Sam. If you don't remember their names, they're the two brothers from the original The Last Of Us game. According to IGN, Henry will be played by Lamar Johnson, while his younger brother, Sam, will be portrayed by Keivonn Woodard. Besides that, they also reported that Graham Greene ...

I Am Groot Brings Cuteness Overload In The Form of Shorts

Who could have ever expected a talking tree that only speaks three words would somehow turn out to be one of the most famous mascot-like characters in an entire cinematic universe? The best and most iconic version is arguably Baby Groot, but we only got one movie with him (2017's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2). The next time we met him in 2018's A...

Satria Dewa Gatotkaca Gets New Official Poster & Trailer

Horizon Entertainment has unveiled a new poster and trailer for the Malaysian release of Indonesian superhero movie, Satria Dewa Gatotkaca. Part of the Satria Dewa Cinematic Universe, Satria Dewa GatotKaca will premiere in Malaysian cinemas on 18 August 2022. It features a superhero equipped with awesome magical armour. The synopsis reads: R...

House Of The Dragon Showrunner Reveals More About The Dragonkeepers

We're less than a month away from the premiere of the Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon. More and more details are coming out about the upcoming series, including its setting and of course, dragons. For instance, there will be more than just dragons in the series. In a world with dragons, there must also be those who take care of the dra...

Joker 2 Teaser Confirms Lady Gaga Casting

Lady Gaga is officially confirmed for the upcoming Joker 2 or Joker Folie A Deux. She was previously reported to be in talks for a role in the upcoming sequel to 2019's Joker back in June 2022. She posted the title for Joker 2 as well as its release date on her official social media channels, including Twitter and Instagram. The teaser features ...

Prey Is The Best Predator Movie Since The Originals

It's been four years since the disappointing The Predator in 2018, but Prey is here to perhaps finally redeem the franchise. Prey is set in the Comanche Nation in the 18th century over 300 years ago. It focuses on Naru, a strong Comanche woman who has been raised in the shadow of the hunters in her tribe and who will be facing the Predator this tim...

Marvel’s She-Hulk Delays Premiere Date But Not By Much

Marvel and Disney+ have delayed She-Hulk Attorney By Law from its original premiere date of 17 August 2022 to... one day later on 18 August 2022. Sorry to scare you, folks, especially after Andor got delayed by almost a whole month. According to Variety, She-Hulk will change the established Disney+ formula by premiering on a Thursday instead of ...

Bullet Train Is Like An Action-Packed Over-The-Top Anime Brought To Life

Bullet Train is the latest film by director David Leitch, best known for movies like John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw (check out my review of that here). If there's one thing he can do well, that's action, action and more action. In Bullet Train, he manages to add some stylistic flair and comedy to his action,...

The Flash Season 9 Will Be Its Last On The CW

CW has announced that The Flash Season 9 will be the final season of the series, which originally began in 2014. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will debut in 2023 and consist of just 13 episodes. Besides Grant Gustin, Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker are set to return. The Flash Season 9 will premiere just weeks ahead of the plann...

We Asked I Am Groot Director When It Takes Place In The MCU & Why They Chose A Photorealistic Style

I Am Groot is a collection of five original shorts, which starts streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on 10 August 2022. The series of original shorts follows Baby Groot’s glory days growing up, and getting into trouble among the stars. Courtesy of Disney+ Hotstar, we were given the opportunity to interview I Am Groot director, writer and executive pr...

Thor Love And Thunder Is Not The First Movie Banned In Malaysia, Here Are Others

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Thor Love And Thunder will not be released in Malaysian cinemas. However, it's not the first movie to be banned in Malaysia and sadly, it probably won't be the last either. Here are some of the other movies in the past that got banned in Malaysia and didn't get past the inconsistent standards of the Film Cens...

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