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Prime Video's Fallout Series Unveils First Look At Awesome Power Armour Suits: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Zelda-Inspired Adventure RPG Faeland Enters Early Access In December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Dragon's Dogma 2 Launches In March 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Overwatch 2 Fans Unite in Outrage Over Season 7 Battle Pass

Over the couple of weeks before Season 7 hit, fans were teased with Halloween events and skins over social media hyping them up. However less than 24 hours into the new season, and fans everywhere are outraged at Blizzard. The criticism mostly stems from outrage at the $40 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle. The two highly-anticipated Diablo-themed skins ...

PSA: The New Overwatch Anniversary Legendary Skins Are Out Now

It’s the fourth anniversary of Overwatch since its initial launch back in 2016, and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the occasion by adding a plethora of new skins, highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more. The three-week Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event will run from today on 19 May 2020 to next month on 9 June 2020. In addition, ...

Earn More Overwatch Cosmetics (And A Switch) In Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge

Ashe's Mari Gras Challenge is now available across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Running from 26 February to 10 March 2020, the event offers the chance to earn in-game rewards, real-life gifts, and introduces a new Experimental mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXtJeSH8V5A&feature=youtu.be Let's start with the Experimental mode since tha...

Overwatch Embraces Romance of the Three Kingdoms for This Year’s Chinese New Year Event

Overwatch is back with the Chinese New Year limited-time event this year. In 2017, we got a Journey to the West theme while last year was the four elements. This time around, the folks at Blizzard went full on with 14th-century historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. So far, they've revealed three highly-detailed skins for Reaper, Hanzo...

Wrecking Ball Gets First Limited Time Legendary Skin While Pharah Loses Her Head

We are about a day away from Overwatch's Halloween Terror event for this year and over the weekend, Blizzard unveiled three more skins which will be available during the limited duration of said event. Widowmaker gets the weakest treatment of the three, with a spider-themed Epic skin which we doubt we'd be seeing a lot since there are tons of other...

Overwatch Teases New Doomfist, Moira Skins for Halloween Terror Event

Doomfist and Moira mains rejoice! We are a few days away from Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event and so far, we have two confirmed, brand new Legendary-Level skins set to be available during that limited period. Two heroes who are in desperate need of new skins, Doomfist and Moira, are getting new looks as Swamp Monster Doomfist a.k.a Doomfi...

Here’s How You Can Get that Epic D.Va Nano Cola Hero Skin

You've seen it in the animated short, salivate on the prospects of owning that D.Va Nano Cola skin and guess what?  Now you can! Starting today, Blizzard is rewarding players in-game items related to D.Va in a variety of ways. First up - and the most straightforward of it all; just play Overwatch and win games. Win nine matches on any mode (Qui...

Every Summer Games 2018 Event Hero Skins Revealed So Far

Updated 9th August 2018 Another skin was revealed today and surprisingly, it's a second one related to baseball! Following the reveal of Catcher Winston, we now have Fastball Zenyatta. All is left is a Batter ... our guess? Genji of course! Who wouldn't wanna see the cyborg ninja swinging a metal bat during his ult? Hit a home run headshot with ...

Overwatch Unveils Two More Legendary, ‘Heavyweight’ Summer Games Exclusive Skins

Following the reveal of D.Va's sweet new 'Korean swimsuit'-themed Summer Games event-exclusive hero skin a few days back, Blizzard unveiled to more which would make Winston and Reinhardt mains salivate while others wish they've had a grip on our two heavyweight heroes. Possibly aiming to appeal to North American players more, both skins represent h...

(At Least) Two Legendary Overwatch Hero Skins Dropping In Late August

Completionist as well as Genji and Tracer mains would want to keep their eyes out and grinding it out for lootboxes during the weekend of 25th and 26th of August (26/27th for Asian timezones) as Blizzard will be releasing two special hero skins in conjunction with the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend. While Blizzard only so far revealed new legend...

Overwatch League All-Access Pass Rewards Now Redeemable in-Game

The rewards for the Overwatch League All-Access Pass for May is now redeemable in-game. Teased at the end of Stage 3, the twelve 'away hero skins' is now available for selection for those who signed up for the All-Access Pass. Not sure what the deal entail? We discussed it in depth here. If you have signed up, head over to Twitch, sync your Twitch ...

Leaked Image Suggests Reaper’s Look As Soldier 24

A leaked Xbox Live image (first pointed out on Overwatch Malaysia) may have revealed the new Reaper skin set to drop during the Overwatch Retribution seasonal event.  Get ready for Gabriel Reyes as Soldier 24 - depicting how he looked like during his time under the Super Soldier program - the same program that led to the creation of Soldier 76. ...

Overwatch Uprising Event Returns This April

The next Overwatch timed event is set to drop April 10th and as expected, it will be a continuation of last year's Uprising event. Not much have been revealed as yet except for the cryptic tweet; Initiating archive declassification… Mission files unlock: April 10. RETWEET to confirm. pic.twitter.com/cTevQ8M5CE — Overwatch (@PlayOver...

You Can Now Earn Overwatch League Tokens With (Almost) Zero Effort

In a bid to bump up their (already impressive) Overwatch League viewership on Twitch, Blizzard will be rewarding everyone who watch the stream live with Overwatch League Tokens that can be used to obtain the Overwatch League hero skins in-game. As detailed by Twitch's official blog: "You’ll get one League Token at the end of every live map f...

Overwatch Year of the Dog Event Skins Make Heroes Look Like Dynasty Warriors Characters

Overwatch's Year of the Dog Event dropped in early this morning, as expected with tons of new, thematic skins that in our opinion are the best to date. Pharah, Genji, McCree and Mercy all got new Legendary-level skins valued at 3000 coins each but man they are all worth that much. We love the ancient Chinese battle armor vibe these heroes receive t...

Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Event Introduces New Thailand Map

Overwatch's Lunar Year of the Dog event will introduce a cool new capture-the-flag (CTF) map that takes place in Thailand. Called Ayutthaya, the map is said to reflect both modern and ancient aspects synonymous with the country. As explained by Game Director Jeff Kaplan in the latest dev update video, the Thailand map is also the first ever map ...

Overwatch’s Lunar Year Event Kicks Off Next Week

Overwatch's Year of the Dog celebration kicks off next week. As announced by their official Twitter account, this year's Chinese New Year event will start February 8th so you can expect tons of new seasonal skins, sprays, emotes and voice lines. A dog-themed Orisa skin, anyone? 🎊 Wishing you prosperity in the Year of the Dog! 🎊 Lun...

Ranking The New Base Lootbox Hero Skins

They are finally here! All 17 new hero skins - including those teased at BlizzCon 2017 - which were set to be available on base lootboxes following Overwatch's latest cosmetic update are all now in the game. Following a huge update earlier today, you can start receiving these awesome hero skins - 5 Epic and 12 Legendary - from your standard lootbox...

The New Hanzo & Lucio Skins Will Make You Wish You Have Tons of Coins At the Ready

Friggin hell Blizzard. In a move that may tilt me of (also) becoming a Hanzo main, Blizzard earlier today released two more teasers for hero skins which are set to drop come January 23rd. Following yesterday's reveal of ASP Pharah, we got glimpses of brand new Legendary Skins for Hanzo and Lucio; Kabuki Hanzo and Capoeira Lucio. Check. Them. Out. ...

Here Are All the New Overwatch Hero Skins You’ll Be Getting Next Week (And More)

There's plenty to look forward to for Overwatch players come January 23rd 2018 as a slew of new hero skins are set to drop along with the new Blizzard World map. Missed out on what the skins are like? Fret not. We have full-figure pictures of the confirmed skins so far, including the recently revealed ASP Pharah. [gallery ids="6711,6709,6708,6707,6...

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