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The New Professor Layton Brainteaser Game Will Be Out In 2025: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Mecha Game Megaton Musashi Wired Deploys In April 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Batman's Arrival In Arkham Knight A Month After Its Unintended Sneak Peek: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
FINAL FANTASY VII Remake “Dress-Up” Chapter Figurines Revealed, Cloud Included

Ah, yes, the infamous Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now exquisitely available in figurines with our best boi Cloud in line. A tweet revealed by Square Enix Store shows a fearless yet elegant (and cute) Cloud donning the dress that you see in the game. Also in line are the alluring Aerith and tantalizing Tifa in their respective ge...

Mario X LEGO = New Interactive Sets For Children & More

Nintendo and LEGO are teaming up to release new Super Mario-themed sets that combine the traditional building blocks with digital technology. How? By replicating the iconic moments in the long-running platforming series. The new Mario line of LEGO toys will build Mario courses out of LEGO blocks and pieces. Then you can play and interact with them...

Prime Studio 1 Delivers The Goods With This Sam Porter Bridges Statue

If you are one of those folks who are keen on collecting figurines and statues of your favourite fictional characters then you probably know about Prime 1 Studio. The company will be hosting a special corner at their Shinjuku shop dedicated to Death Stranding. The Sam Porter Bridges statue made by Prime 1 Studio will be appearing at the shop tog...

US$42 Million Worth Of Fake Anime Toys And Figures Seized In China

If you're an anime and video games fan fond of collecting figures of your favourite characters, then you're probably well acquainted with bootleg toys and figures that are sold at cheaper prices and usually lower quality. Even without checking, we all know that most of them come from China. [caption id="attachment_42395" align="aligncenter" width=...

This Detailed Patlabor Figure Would Look Great In Your Mecha Collection

Veteran anime and manga fans will remember the classic Mobile Police Patlabor animated movies and series, featuring the iconic mecha design of the Patlabor. Guillermo Del Toro even cites Patlabor as one of the many influences for his 2013 movie Pacific Rim, and 10 August is the official annual Patlabor Day in Japan. [gallery ids="40203,40197,40198...

Marvel Assembles Its Hot Toys Collection At NYCC 2019

The festive celebration of all things geek-related at the New York Comic Con 2019 won't be complete without showcasing the collectibles and merchandise of our favourite characters and properties. Toy manufacturer Sideshow has a booth at the event, with some of the latest statues and sixth scale figures from both them and Hot Toys. These include th...

This 1/6th Anthem Ranger Javelin Figure Is Locked And Loaded

Despite what you may think of Bioware's Anthem earlier this year, I'm sure that many of us can agree that the Iron Man-esque Javelin armours in the game look awesome as heck, with its weapons and details. Now you can have one of those sleek suits of mass destruction standing on your shelf. Renowned toys manufacturer Threezero has announced the Ant...

Hot Toys Offer First Look At Iron Man Mark LXXXV And Thanos In Avengers Endgame [Update]

Update 28 Jun 2019 Hot Toys today unveiled (as expected) the additional accessory for 1:6 Iron Man Mark LXXXV figure below - the Nano Gauntlet! [gallery ids="28833,28834,28835" type="slideshow"] The additional arm comes with a light-up feature which *should * see the Infinity Stones pulse as well as articulated fingers allowing you to replicate ...

Spider-Man PS4 Scarlet Spider Suit Gets Hot Toys Treatment

One of the many great things about Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 was that it featured more than a whopping 50 different suits/skins for Spidey. These included classics like the original Iron Spider suit, various Spider-Armors and of course, the 90s throwback Scarlet Spider suit. While everyone is still trying to erase the Clone Saga ...

This Gorgeous Assassin’s Creed Statue Is Expensive AF

Just in time for E3 2019 and a few hours after the Ubisoft press conference, we have this exquisitely detailed and expensive bombshell of a statue announced. This Assassin's Creed Altair statue from Ubisoft and Pure Arts: weighs in at 20 pounds, is 24-inches tall, can glow blue via its blue animus detailing on Altair's right arm and right le...

This Adorable Witcher 3 Ciri Nendoroid Is Available For Pre-Order

The Good Smile Company initially announced the oh-so-adorable Nendoroid of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Ciri last year, but pre-orders are finally open for the cutest toy version of the character you will ever see. The fully-articulated Nendoroid Ciri comes with interchangeable faceplates to convey different emotions. There's one with her standard s...

Hasbro Unveils Overwatch Action Figures

We've got awesome news for you action figure enthusiasts, extra hype points if you happen to be a fan of Overwatch. Following earlier leaks of a Mercy action figure by Hasbro, it's now official that we are getting her and more. Lucio, Sombra, Tracer, Reaper, Soldier 76, Ana, Pharah and Reinhardt are set to join Mercy in the first wave action figure...

Spoiler Alert: Here’s A Potential Look At Ronin In Avengers Endgame

We're only a few months away from Avengers: Endgame at this point, and we still know very little about the sequel to last year's Avengers: Infinity War. However, after a full-length trailer and a Super Bowl TV spot, we've managed to glean a few details. A recent toy leak on Reddit has revealed our potential first look at the full Ronin costume in ...

Add This Rocket League Hot Wheels Car to Your Collection This Month

Remember Hot Wheels? Some of us might have stopped collecting those little toy cars when we grew up but maybe it's time to renew our childhood hobby. Why? The first-ever Rocket League Hot Wheels car is releasing this month, and I'm talking about a real die-cast toy car here (not DLC or virtual). The 1:64 scale 'Octane' Rocket League Hot Wheels car ...

SDCC 2018: The Best Toys We’ve Seen So Far

This news is still in development. These next few days are going to be filled to the brim with pop culture news of various shapes and sizes; after all, it's San Diego Comicon 2018 week. For now, we'll be showcasing the hottest and most recent toys from the show floor. Mondo Mecha Marvel Line A new line of 12″ scale fully articulated action f...

Here’s A Full List Of Featured Overwatch Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines

If you’re a fan of Funko products and/or a fan of Overwatch, do you know that Overwatch actually had a large collection in the Funko family? Said products range from keychains to the large-sized Pop! Vinyl figures. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of all 24 featured heroes in the fan-favourite Pop! Vinyl collection for your convenie...

Hot Toys’ New Black Panther Action Figure Was Probably Made in Wakanda

Hot Toys yesterday revealed what is probably the coolest, most technologically advanced 1/6th action figure to date since Hulkbuster with the unveiling of the Black Panther 1/6th scale action figure from the upcoming movie of the same name. If you seen the trailers, you'd notice King T'Challa's got a new Black Panther suit which glows purple at tim...

Nendoroid D.Va Needs To Be Nerfed for Its Cuteness

The Blizzard store today unveiled that pre-orders for Good Smile Company's Nendoroid D.Va is now open and damn that's one cute figurine. Clad in her default MEKA suit, the Nendoroid D.Va stands about 10cm tall and comes with articulated arms, legs and even the back portion of her hair. Like all Nendoroid figures, you are able to swap out her hands ...

The Hot Toys Hela 1/6th Action Figure is Hella Fine

Hot Toys recently revealed their latest prototype and with all the puns in the world intended, we say it without shame: "It's hell of a fine figurine!" We've never considered getting a female Hot Toys figure prior simply because none of them piqued our interest but this one is a different case altogether. Behold the Goddess of Death. Bearing the ...

Hot Toys Unveils Justice League’s Aquaman 1/6th Figure

Hong Kong high-end action figure producers Hot Toys recently unveiled the 1/6th scale action figure of Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa who is set to appear in DC's Justice League come this 16th November 2017. As all Hot Toys 1/6th scale action figures do, Aquaman stands at about thirteen inches tall (33 cm) and comes with several swappable hands to ...

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