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Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently unveiled a new and revamped Dust 2 map which now comes with higher-res, higher-poly assets to keep the map on par with modern graphical expectations and standards. One of the highly loved (and played) maps in the CS: GO scene, players can expect minimal tweaks in the rework, with most changes focusing on visual clarity that should not hamper one’s approach to the game.

Dark and cluttered tunnels receive lighting changes, while crates and corners receive graphical tweaks to better help players differentiate player models from the environment. Backlash from the community isn’t expected as similar-scaled facelifts on other maps have been done before without much issue. To be honest, we welcome such changes to keep CS: GO relevant with the times, as well as showing the dev’s dedication to the scene.

What do you think of the changes and what Counter Strike map is your favorite? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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