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The latest ‘Heroes Born’ episode which focuses on Overwatch League players decided to focus on Dallas Fuel’s flex specialist and our favorite streamer, Seagull and to surprise of many shows off his hidden talent as a driver. Showing off his drifting skills on gravel as he discusses about what he thought of the game, and how it influences his daily life, we have to tip our hats off to the folks at Overwatch League for making the already likeable Brandon Larned (yes, that’s his real name) look somewhat cool.

Responding to fans’ comparisons such as of him being the best Genji, Larned said “It’s an ego boost – it feels awesome – but I try to stay away from comparisons like that because it feels cocky. … The relationship between me and my fans are a two way street”.

Regarding the game, Larned explains “Overwatch, more than any other game I have played comes down to working well as a team because it is really tough for an individual player to carry”.

Check out the video for the his short, but insightful opinion about Overwatch and esports in general. Our favorite streamer may also be our favorite player coming into the inaugural season which kicks off December 7th 2017. For all things Overwatch League, keep it locked on to

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