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All The Spider-Man Suits You Can Unlock In That New PS4 Insomniac Game

From the obvious to obscure, here are the suits you get to unlock in that pretty cool PS4 Spider-Man game from the guys who made Sunset Overdrive and the Ratchet & Clank series. Haven’t seen our review yet? It’s right here (spoiler-free, don’t worry)!

Keep in mind that once you unlock a suit’s power, you can change it even if you’re wearing another suit. Example: you can have the Rock Out suit power on your Daft Punk-inspired Spider Armor MK II getup.

And for fun, we’ll also rate them on a scale of 8, because spiders have 8 legs. If you want a guide on how to Spider-Man like a pro, head here.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101510

Classic Suit (Repaired)

Classic Suit

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Crime Token x2
Unlocked Power: Web Blossom. This makes Spider-Man leap into the air and web everything in sight.
Rating: 8. Nothing beats the original Steve Ditko design.

Noir Suit

Noir Spider-Man

Noir Suit

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Base Token x1,  Level 3
Unlocked Power: Sound of Silence. Enemies no longer call for backup when alerted.

Rating: 4. It’s a product of its time.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101527

Scarlet Spider Suit

Scarlet Spider Suit

Unlock requirements: Crime Token x3, Landmark Token x2, Level 3
Unlocked power: Holo Decoy. Experimental AR tech spawns multiple Holo Decoys that stun attacking enemies before decaying. Because Clone Wars.

Rating: 7. The nostalgia 90s factor help elevate the suit. We’ll miss you, Ben Reilly.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101536

Spider Armor MK II

Spider Armor – MK II Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Landmark Token x1, Research Token x2, Level 5
Unlocked power: Calls two awesome French DJs to party Bullet Proof; this makes you temporarily bullet-proof against all enemies.

Rating: 8. There’s something funky about this black/gold ensemble combo that makes you want to get lucky.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101544

Secret War Suit

Secret War Suit

Unlock Requirements: Backpack Token x2, Base Token x1, Research Token x2, Level 7

Unlocked Power: Arms Race.This discharges an amplified EMP wave to stun enemies and disable their weapons.

Rating: 6. It’s no symbiote suit, that’s for sure.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101553

MCU Homecoming Stark Suit

Homecoming Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Crime Token x3, Research Token x1, Level 9
Unlocked power: Spider-Bro.Calls in a Spider-Bro to help you out in combat.
Rating: 6. Not as cool as the Iron Spider suit from the Avengers grieve-fest.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101602

Negative Suit

Negative Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Landmark Tokens x2, Research Tokens x1, Level 11
Unlocked power: Negative Shockwave. This synchronizes nano-mesh particles to unleash a wave of negative energy.
Rating: 8. Sometimes the simplest designs with a yin-yang motif can make the Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101612

Electrically Insulated Suit

Electrically Insulated Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Crime Token x3, Research Token x1, Level 13
Unlocked power: Electric Company Punch. You get electric gauntlets which electrify enemies with your standard punches. Shocking!
Rating: 2. Looks more like a Kamen Rider reject than an all-American superhero.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101621



Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Crime Token x3, Landmark Token x2, Level 16
Unlocked power: Rock Out. Blasts enemies with waves of righteous sound.
Rating: 6. Less “The Misfits” and more “Green Day”; really great ensemble but not as legendary & influential.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101631

Man Spider Wrestler Suit

Wrestler Suit

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Base Token x2, Research Token x2, Level 19
Unlocked power: King of the Ring. You can Web Throw enemies without having to web them up.
Rating: 2. Not even the WWE would approve of such shoddy craftsmanship.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101641

Fear Itself Suit

Fear Itself Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x 2, Challenge Token x6, Research Token x3, Level 21
Unlocked power: Quad Damage. Deal massive damage to enemies, hence the power-up name.
Rating: 4. Not as svelte as the Negative Suit.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101649

Stealth ‘Bigtime’ Suit

Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x2, Challenge Token x4, Landmark Token x3, Level 23
Unlocked Power: Blur Projector. Creates a distortion field that can obscure you from non-alerted enemies. Great for perch takedowns and sneak attacks.
Rating: 6. It’s too try-hard for our taste.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101839

Spider Armor MK III

Spider Armor – MK III Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x2, Challenge Token x4, Crime Token x4, Level 26
Unlocked power: Titanium Alloy Plates. This power-up temporarily reflect all bullets back at shooters. Doesn’t apply to snipers though.
Rating: 3. Not as practical as it looks. Why have all that bulk to carry around while swinging?

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101851

Spider-Man 2009 Black Suit

Spider-Man 2009 Black Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x2, Crime Token x4, Research Token x4, Level 29
Unlocked power: Low Gravity. Decrease gravity while in the air. It’s as OP as it sounds.
Rating: 8. This one’s a 90s futuristic-esque classic that won’t run out of steam anytime soon.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101910

Infinity War Stark Iron Spider Suit

Iron Spider Suit (from Avengers: Infinity War)

Unlock requirements: Base Token x3, Challenge Token x3, Crime Token x4, Level 31
Unlocked power: Iron Arms. Wreak havoc with four articulated arms made from rapidly grown alloys. You get to auto-attack and crowd control like mad.
Rating: 7. A step below greatness, but still a worthy addition because of the spindly arm leg thingies.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101927

Spider Armor MK IV Suit

Spider Armor MK IV Suit

Unlock requirement: Base Token x4, Challenge Token x4, Landmark Token x3, Level 35
Unlocked power: Defense shield. Temporarily absorbs all damage.
Rating: 7. Less obnoxious than the previous MK suit.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101936

Spirit Spider

Spirit Spider Suit

Unlock requirement: Base Token x6, Challenge Token x6, Crime Token x6, Level 37
Unlocked power: Spirit Fire.
Rating: 3. We keep thinking naked malformed Ghost Rider when we think of this. Put on a leather jacket, man.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101946

Spider-Man 2009 White Suit

Spider-Man 2009 White Suit

Unlock requirements: Base Token x4, Challenge Token x4, Crime Token x4, Level 39
Unlocked power: Concussion Strike. Your attacks will send enemies flying.
Rating: 4. Meh. Why change up an already-iconic design?

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101954

Vintage Comic Book Suit

Vintage Comic Book Suit

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x 4, Challenge Token x4, Crime Token x4, Level 41
Unlocked power: Quips. Insult your enemy’s pride.
Rating: 8. It’s the classic suit now with cel-shading. Your mileage of the animation technique may vary.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905102003

Last Stand Suit

Last Stand Suit

Unlock requirements: Crime Token x20
Unlocked power: Unrelenting Fury. Enemies cannot block or interrupt your attacks. This includes shielded opponents.
Rating: 2. Last minute getups deserve last minute scores.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905102013

Anti-Ock Suit

Anti-Ock Suit

Unlock requirements: Unlocked as story progresses towards the end
Unlocked power: Resupply. You get an unlimited supply of gadget ammo and cartridges for a short period of time. Go “thwip” like nobody’s business.
Rating: 7. It’s on-par with the MK-1 Daft Punk suit, that’s for sure.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905102032

Dark Suit

Dark Suit

Unlock requirements: Find all of Black Cat’s stakeouts.
Unlocked power: Nothing. It looks snazzy though.
Rating: 7. The dark colour and red ensemble is pretty awesome if we’re being honest. Probably has a lot to do with how the 2099 costume pulls it off well.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905230644

Homemade Suit

MCU’s Spiderman: Homecoming Homemade Suit

Unlock requirements: Collect all of Peter Parker’s backpacks scattered throughout the map.
Unlocked power: Bupkis…
Rating: 3. Unless you wanna look like a superhero on a budget, we’d steer away from this monstrosity.

Velocity Suit


Unlock requirements: Landmark Token x2, Backpack Token x2, Challenge Token x4, Level 33
Unlocked power: Blitz. Makes you sprint much faster; your momentum will knock down enemies.
Rating: 5. Another try-hard suit design, but at least it’s not as bulky and inconvenient.



Undies ‘Suit’

Unlock requirements: Achieve 100% completion of all missions, side missions and all districts

Unlocked power: Equalizer. One hit, one kill for goons and Spider-Man.

Rating: 2. Unless you’re into walking about in the buff.

Do you think these suits are the bee’s, I mean spider’s knees? Do you agree with our scale-of-eight rating for each suit? Voice out your thoughts and grievances on our website and Facebook page. 

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