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Game of Thrones‘ fans and media folks had a blast of a day when they converged at Astro AABC to see the unveiling of Viserion the Dragon, as well as a photography session with the Night King and White Walkers.

The day started off with giveaways from Astro to some lucky fans and a photo session with the Iron Throne. For a limited time, fans can rest on the throne for some awesome photo opportunities.

The Night King and White Walkers

We were also treated to see the unveiling of Viserion the Dragon. The dragon played a major role going into the final season, but I can’t say much without spoiling to what seems an epic finale to a long-standing battle between the houses of Westeros.

I love the smokey nose.
A closeup of its gnarly teeth.

Viserion the Dragon will be travelling around the Klang Valley in the near future so you can snap photos of him with the hashtag #AstroGoT. Keep an eye out for updates on the dragon’s tour dates.

Agnes Rozario, the Director of Content at Astro, shared her thoughts on having Game of Thrones‘ finale on HBO.

“We are privileged to be the Malaysian home to HBO’s spectacular Game of Thrones, offering all GoT fans the opportunity to catch the worldwide premier and stream all episodes uncensored via Astro on demand.

We would like to thank HBO for their continuous support as one of our pioneering channel partners on Astro and commend them for their consistently ambitious and artistic premium content we are able to offer Malaysians.”

It seems that we’ll be having the GoT Season Finale directly on HBO as the same time as the US, so rest assured you won’t get any spoilers as you wait for the show on local time, unless you go dig for ’em. Oh, and unlike most premieres in Malaysia, you’ll be seeing the show uncensored; it’s not exactly a family-friendly show what with the betrayals and deaths and all.

As fans, we couldn’t wait to see what Season 8 has in store for us. We even copped a pair of a GoT Ultraboost because of the hype. For more details on the HBO Game of Thrones pass, you can head here to see what Astro has to offer.

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