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Update: Nintendo officially revealed in their September Nintendo Direct showcase that Overwatch will be out 15th October. We took out the [Report] from the title.

Update: Just hours before Nintendo Direct 2019, Kotaku has reported more leaks that further confirm that Overwatch is coming to Switch. This includes a retail listing that states 18 October 2019 as the game’s release date.

Even if the game is planned to be announced on Nintendo Direct, it’s still strange for Blizzard not to save something so big for Blizzcon 2019. Is Blizzard keeping a bigger surprise?

Rumours say that the PVE Overwatch sequel might be announced at Blizzcon but I find that to be quite problematic because it would deter people from buying the Switch version. Why bother buying a game when you can save your money for the sequel instead?

I’m currently 99% convinced that Overwatch is indeed coming to Switch and it’ll be released sometime in October.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch came out, it’s been receiving a steady stream of ports of popular games such as Minecraft, Diablo III, and more. Overwatch fans have been wondering for a while now whether or not the hero shooter will be coming to Nintendo’s portable console and looks like we might finally have an answer.

Someone over at Amazon accidentally listed an Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case. I’m confident that it was done on accident because the listing was taken down almost immediately. Check out the URL.

As always, the Internet works fast. A lot of people took screenshots of the page and shared all the information before it was taken down.

Manufactured by PowerA, the case has been officially licensed by both Nintendo and Blizzard and was scheduled for release on 15 September 2019. Check out what it looks like:

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