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One of the easiest ways to become a popular YouTuber is to record yourself playing a game that millions of people are playing as well. Of course, it helps to be good too. Fortnite YouTuber Faze Jarvis has gained 2 million subscribers by doing just that but it looks like he’s hit a major bump in his YouTube career.

Faze Jarvis
What regret looks like.

As per usual of most YouTubers who messed up in one way or another, Jarvis just uploaded an apology video directed to his subscribers who are thirsty for more wholesome Fortnite content. In the video, he confirmed he’s been permanently banned form playing Fortnite due to him showing that he was using an aimbot in one of his past uploads.

The video that got Jarvis banned was uploaded back before Fortnite got sucked into a black hole and reemerged as Fortnite Chapter 2. To make things clear, Jarvis was using the aimbot as the main content of the video and he explicitly stated that he knew the consequences which is why he was using a dummy account and playing on a different computer. Well, it still meant he was cheating and he recorded it for proof.

Of course, the video has been deleted but thanks to YouTube channel Fortnite Area, we can all watch the video and see the exact moment Jarvis effed up in his YouTube career.

Polygon reached out to Epic for comments regarding the issue and this what one of their spokesperson had to say:

“We have a zero tolerance policy for the usage of a cheat software. When people use aimbots or other cheat technologies to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin games for people who are playing fairly.”

Welp, it might be time for Jarvis to consider other forms of content for his YouTube channel. Maybe Apex Legends or Minecraft. It’s unclear whether or not Jarvis is allowed to simply another account using a different email but seeing as how he would probably want to stream and record on that account as well, Epic could just ban his new account too.

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