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#15. Obstagoon


This  Galar-exclusive evolution of the adorable Zigzagoon looks like it stowed its Harley somewhere before delivering a can of whoop-ass on its brethren. One could even say that it’s a furry tribute to DC’s Main Man.

#14. Sirfetch’d


It’s a white bird with a leek sword and shield with decent stats and skills. What the hell else more do you want from a dapper bird like this?

#13. Dragapult


It’s a giant lizard with a head shaped like a stealth bomber. Points for originality.

Plus, having skills that involve it not getting hit and failing its debuffs are handy. And it can somehow fly faster than 120mph, and even has two Dreepies as supersonic missiles.

#12. Wooloo


It’s really hard not to say  “no” to owning these sheep Pokémon. Just look at its eyes and build. And its fluff; don’t forget the fluff.

Just don’t have this bundle of adorableness fighting Fire-type Pokémon.

#11. Alcreamie & Its Gigantamax Mode


Who wants a cream Pokémon with a side of giant-as-heck cake when it’s Gigantamaxed? What’s really cool about this puffy pastry pet is you can spin it clockwise and anticlockwise to change its colour.


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