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The Top 20 New Pokémon In Pokémon Sword And Shield

#10. Orbeetle


A bug with Psychic powers, this guy comes with Swarm, Frisk, and Telepathy. Having its cranium be patterned after a ladybug’s body is pretty nifty; it makes Orbeetle look like a much funkier version of that one kaiju Godzilla fought in the Millenium era.

#9. Scorbunny


Whoever said this game’s starter Pokémon are weaksauce obviously haven’t seen Scorbunny.  Look at this little fella, like he’s rarin’ to go places and speedrun all over the neighbourhood.

#8. Corviknight & Its Gigantamax Form


Not only does this bird serve as a flying GRAB, it’s also a Flying and Steel-type and comes with Pressure and Unnerve. Not to mention some decent defense stats if you need a cool-looking tank in your party.

Oh, and when it’s super-sized…hoo boy…


#7. Duraludon & Its Gigantamax Form


Yo Toho! Game Freak stole your kid-friendly Mechagodzilla and Space Godzilla design. At least, until you supersize it…


…now it looks like a building Elon Musk would own.

#6. Zacian


The Crowned Sword version with the wings and the sword? Wicked stuff. It’s hard to say if it’s better than your offensive-type Pokémon out there or can even beat Zamazenta in a fair fight. But it wins in style and decorum hands-down.

What could be cooler than a legendary sword-wielding Pokémon? Read on and find out!

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