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To say that Nintendo is a phenomenon in Japan would be a gross understatement. It’s become part of the Japanese identity at this point, symbolising creativity, fun, and a plumber who jumps. It looks like Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is going to make Nintendo a part of their identity too.

An article from TimeOut Tokyo reveals that Universal Studios Japan will be opening a ‘Super Nintendo World‘ in its theme park. It’s scheduled to be ready for visitors by mid-2020, just in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics happening in Tokyo.

There will be multiple rides featured across the park with one of the biggest attractions being a Mario Kart-themed ride. Concept art shared by one of the artists working on the project also shows a Donkey Kong attraction based on the games’ levels. A Yoshi ride will also be built.

The attraction has been under construction since mid-2017 and some USJ visitors have already caught a glimpse of portions of the Super Nintendo World being built. Seeing as how we’re only a year away from the park’s completion, it’s definitely exciting to see it all come together.

Personally, I just want them to allow me to wear Mario’s famous Tanuki suit and then let me glide across the entire park. Please, that’s all I have ever wanted.

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