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Minecraft Dungeons New DLC Details Announced & Leaked

Are you still hankering for more multiplayer Minecraft Dungeons action? Are you already done with the game’s Adventurer and Apocalypse modes? Well, Mojang aren’t done with the game yet, thankfully.

According to an official Mojang announcement (and some sleuths over at Reddit), Minecraft Dungeons is getting new content this July and later on. The first new DLC is subtitled Jungle Awakens.


New weapons & armour include:

  • Whip
  • Ocelot armour

The new enemies you will be facing are:

  • Jungle Abomination; basically a jungle-themed version of the golems you fought in the original game’s mines & underground levels.
  • Whispers. These long-ranged spellcasters summon vines that can hit you from a distance or summon flowers that shoot projectiles at you.
  • Leapers. They leap at you, I guess.
  • Brown Pandas.
  • A ton of enemies who secrete poison gas upon death. As if Adventurer and Apocalypse mode’s evokers and wizards aren’t a handful already.

The second new DLC is called Creeping Winter. You’ll be fighting in snowy tundras and plains. However, there’s no set release month for this DLC.

New weapons are:

  • Ice Wand, an artifact that creates large ice blocks that can crush your foes.
  • Snow Bow, a ranged weapon that freezes on impact.

New enemies include:

  • Wicked wraiths.
  • Icy Creepers, who slow you down if you get caught in their explosions.
  • Frozen Zombies. They throw snowballs at you.
  • Chillagers.

The new DLC and updates will also include Trials, which would mean players will need to complete daily and weekly challenges to get loot and money. Other new additions include crossplay functionality, and a Diamond Dust item that lets you upgrade your current weapons to a higher level.

Nothing’s been officially confirmed yet; there’s no release period for the ice-themed update as of yet and how much it will cost. Still, this does bode well for players who are on the Minecraft Dungeons train for the long haul, provided that the DLC comes with a fair price. I do hope they can fix the last few stages and their bugs.

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