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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Best Story Choices & Best Ending Guide

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a very long game. About 40+ hours worth. As such, it would be folly to backtrack if you want to make important story choices that affect your ending.

Never fear; we’ve played a lot of this Ubisoft Viking Age sandbox game so you can make the decisions without playing another 40+ hours of it.

Since we’re touching on story points, there will be spoilers. So here’s your warning.

Banish Or Kill Gorm?

This is the very first decision you’ll make as Eivor, after you defeat the boss Kjotve. King Harald will give you a choice:

  • Kill him
  • Banish him
  • Let King Harald decide

The outcome will be the same regardless of what you choose.

Take Resources or Leave Them For Styrbjorn?

An early and important story choice. During the Seas of Fate quest, you can choose to either fund your expedition with the resources from Kjotve raid or leave them for Styrbjorn.

We suggest you leave the resources for Styrbjorn. It may affect the colony down the road.

Stench of Treachery Traitor Choice

In the Grantebridgescire pledge, you are given a choice to pick who the traitor is in Soma’s inner circle. The choices are:

  • Lif
  • Birna
  • Galinn

The correct answer is Galinn. His god-loving ways are pretty suss.

Kill or Spare Leofrith

During the Ledecestrescire pledge in the quest “Heavy is the Head”, you need to find Ceolbert. Once you find him, he’ll be held at swordpoint by Leofrith. Fight him in a boss battle, and you can make the following decision.

  • Spare: Burgred abandoned you.
  • Kill: Pray to your god now.

The best option is to spare Leofrith.

However, trophy hunters (especially those who aim to obtain the Platinum trophy) should choose the other option and kill Leofrith. Why? Doing so will result in Zealots (they’re the most powerful enemy class in the game and also Order Of The Ancients members) chasing you down for the rest of the game.

This will save you time and effort to actually hunt them down, as the Zealots will be the one to hunt you down. If you chose to spare Leofrith, the Zealots will randomly spawn throughout the map, and trust us when we say that it won’t be easy to track them all down.

Taking down a Zealot.

Punch Basim & Sigurd

During the Oxenefordescire pledge in the “Blood from a Stone” quest, you’ll come across Sigurd and Basim who tries to make a deal with Lady Eadwyn. Due to Eivor’s meddling, a fight breaks out.

There are three story options here, with one of them affecting the ending you’ll get. Basically, don’t resort to violence here, so resist the urge to punch both these guys. Pick “Take a breath” and “Enough of this” when the options appear. 

Exile Lady Eadwyn?

At the end of the Oxenefordscire quest line, you’ll be invading Lady Eadwyn’s stronghold in Cyne Belle Castle. After the major fight, you have a choice to:

  • Let her be exiled
  • Let Geadric look after her

This choice bears no changes to the story, so pick whichever you like.

Should You Romance Randvi?

There are a few romance options in AC Valhalla; one of them can change the ending. That’s right, you can hook up with Randvi, Sigurd’s wife in the “Taken for Granted” quest. Near the end of it, you can choose the following:

  • I feel the same way
  • Now is not the right time
  • I care for you as a friend

You should choose “I care for you as a friend” so that you don’t change up the ending. But it’s up to you; we’re not judging.

The Vault’s Identity

In the Jorvik pledge, you are tasked with uncovering the identity of the Vault, one of the members of the Order of the Ancients. You need to dig a little and do some investigative work, but you need to make a decision come the Yuletide feast. The choices of suspects are:

  • Ricsige
  • Faravid
  • Audun
  • Hjorr

The correct answer is Audun, in case the bold text didn’t clue you in.

King Killer Quest Choice

During the Sciropescire pledge, you will eventually have to fight Ivarr after he’s done some “decorating work” with the invading king. After you killed him, you can choose to:

  • Deny Ivarr to Valhalla
  • Send Ivarr to Valhalla

The story isn’t affected if you do either. For the second choice, you can choose to tell his brother Ubba whether:

  • Ivarr died badly
  • Ivarr died gloriously

Tell him Ivarr died badly.

Give Dag His Axe?

Once you’re done with most of the pledges in AC Valhalla, Dag will question your leadership through and through, to the point where he challenges you for the Raventhorpse’s leadership. This choice will definitely impact the ending of AC Valhalla. The choices are:

  • Give Dag his axe 
  • Deny Dag his axe

Give him the axe. It’s the least you could do after you own his ass.

Old Wounds Traitor Pick

During the Essexe pledge in the “Old Wounds” quest, you get to pick which person betrayed Rollo. The two suspects are:

  • Gerhild
  • Lork

The correct answer is Gerhild.

Where The Stone Falls Choice

In the Lincolnshire plege in the “Where the Stone Falls” quest, you get to pick the next ealdorman. Your candidates are:

  • Aelfgar
  • Hunwald
  • Herefrith

The first two are correct.

Of Blood And Bonds Story Choice

At the end of the Eurviscire pledge in the “Blood and Bonds” quest, you need to confront either one of the two choices during a feast.

  • You’re insane, Halfdan
  • Stand down or fight me, Faravid

This will affect the alliance with the region, so pick the second choice.

How To Get The Best Ending In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

There are technically only two major endings in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but your choices (some of which are mentioned above) will affect whether Sigurd leaves or stays in England with Eivor at the very end of the story.

  • Leave Styrbjorn’s wealth behind when you leave for England.
  • Choose “Now is not the right time.” or “I care for you as a friend.” to avoid entering into a relationship with Randvi before they officially get a divorce at the end of the game. After that, you can then romance her if you want to.
  • Don’t punch Basim and Sigurd during an argument with them in Oxenefordscire.
  • Give Dag his axe when you defeat him.
  • In an attempt to resolve a local dispute at Ravensthorpe (after you rescue Sigurd), support Sigurd’s judgement (even if it sounds really unfair).

If you did the opposite of three or more of these “Sigurd Strike” options, it will lead to Sigurd staying at Norway at the end of the game. To ensure that he stays your good brother and friend (and follow you back to England), make sure that you choose the options stated above in your playthrough.

It’ll result in a much happier ending for everyone involved, though the end of the game isn’t without its share of tragedy and casualties.

Oh, and if you want to get the full picture and further understanding of the game’s ending, it’s highly-recommended that you complete all ten Animus Anomaly puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Doing so will give you access to a secret cutscene, which will make you less confused about the twists that happen at the end of the game. These Animus Anomalies may be a bit of a hassle, but they’re worth it for fans of the franchise’s lore.

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  1. shawlogan

    February 9, 2021 at 2:43 am

    Thanks for the help. And i would like to correct u, on the Chinese website gamersky, the guide for the right choices says u have three strikes with sigurd, though i haven’t tried it to know if that’s absolutely correct. But i did romance randvi with no repercussion i mean he does break up with her at the end of the game. They both deserved to get punched and Dag didn’t disserve Valhalla and Sigurd choice was wrong so I don’t care and if his wife wants to get with Evior then hey who am I to deny it

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