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Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Make Tons of Eddies In Minutes

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a ton of ways for V the mercenary (male, female, or otherwise) to earn cash in Night City. You can do this by completing main story missions, side missions, those NCPD gigs from Regina Jones, and random quests here and there.

And just like those open world games, there’s a particular quest that lets you exploit the system to the point where you can earn tons of cash in minutes. Here’s how you can earn $1 million in minutes doing the same thing for minutes.

Space Oddity Exploit

#1. Do The Space Oddity Side Quest

This short mission is located at Santa Domingo on the bottom right of Night City (via TagbackTV). To complete it, just talk to the bums, open the laptop they left behind (need 9 in Tech trait), hack the computer, and access the “launch.exe” file in the laptop.

This triggers a drop point you have to reach on the map. Go there, kill the enemies in the area, and get your spoils in a purple capsule: a rare painting you can sell off.

#2. Sell Off The Painting, Then Buy It Back Again For Cheap

Go to any dropbox in Night City, then immediately save in a different slot. This is in case the game bugs out on you, which is 50% going to happen since this is a CD Projekt title.

Use the dropbox, sell off the painting for $4,000, quit the dropbox menu, walk backwards and then forward again to the dropbox, and then buy off the painting for $5.

This essentially means you’ll get a profit of $3995. You don’t need us to tell you that you can keep doing this over and over until the cows come home. If the dropbox runs out of money, quit the menu and then use the skip time feature to skip 24 hours. The dropbox will automatically replenish itself with more cash. Alternatively, you can just drive around to the next dropbox, rinse and repeat. However, we have to remind you buy back the painting and keep it in your inventory before you leave. Do not lose the painting, in other words. 

In about half an hour or less, assuming your game doesn’t glitch out or crash, you should have a million or so to spend in Night City. Now go spend your “hard-earned” cash buying exotic cyber cars and paying off Joytoys!

There’s a good chance CD Projekt will patch this exploit out, so best you do this now before it’s gone!

Epic Char Incendiary Grenade Exploit

This eddie-farming technique requires you to have 12 points in your Tech trait and unlock the Mechanic and Grease Monkey perk, which allows you to net more items from disassembling something and craft Epic items respectively.

#1. Head to this location to get the Epic Char Incendiary Grenade crafting spec

Head down to Santa Domingo and go to this spot on the map:

#2. Craft grenades, then disassemble them

The Epic grenade requires 1 uncommon and 1 common crafting component. These are easy to get: either by disassembling your redundant weapons and gear, or just finding them all across Night City. After crafting them, disassemble them.

#3. Sell the remains for profit

When you disassemble your Epic Char Grenades, you’ll get Epic crafting components. Sell these off for profit. Rinse and repeat.

I Walk The Line Main Quest Glitch

#1. Start and progress through “I Walk The Line”

This money-making tactic requires you to be at a particular point in the game’s main story; specifically when you meet the Voodoo Boys. This is around the 10 to 15-hour mark.

There’s a mission called “I Walk The Line” where you need to jack into a van (by infiltrating an abandoned mall however you choose), and then fight a jacked-up Animal gang member called Sasquatch.

#2. Save and reload right after collecting the bounty from Sasquatch

After you defeat her, there will be a prompt that lets you answer “I think she’s had enough”. Accept it, and then kill her to get a bounty of $30,000. After that, create a new save file.

Load that save file, and you’ll see Sasquatch somehow alive and kicking but glitched out. She will either be standing and staring into space, or lying on the ground but still alive. Attack her again with a melee and kill her to get the bounty again. Save, load, and repeat.

The Updated Space Oddity Glitch

Recently we posted a quick, surefire method to make tons of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077. If you missed that, check it out here as it actually serves as the first part for this newly discovered, even filthier method of getting rich thanks to Tagback TV.

If you are up to speed, great. Now we move on to the next move.

Firstly, let’s be clear. The downside of the earlier exploit is that you are required to exit the Drop Point multiple times to repurchase the painting at 5 Eddies, and the fact that the machine has limited funds. While you can circumvent this issue by either moving to the next and nearest Drop Point, or just time skipping 24 hours ahead, this is indeed tedious and not very efficient. You could have spent that time buying your vehicles of choice or hunting down cyberpsychos in Night City.

Follow these steps to not only multiply your income potential thousand-fold (yes, we aren’t joking) each time you visit a Drop Point – but also the ability to replicate ANY item in your inventory infinitely. This is perfect for you crafting monkeys who have issues in building up enough crafting materials stashes in the past. This move is a bit more intricate, but the outcome is goddamn worth it.

#1. Do the Space Oddity dance

Similar to the first exploit, with the painting in your inventory, head over to any Drop Point in the map. Obtaining this painting is key for this exploit to work. So if you are yet to complete it, we suggest you get it sorted first.

#2. Start picking an item you want to replicate

Alongside the painting, pick any item you intend to replicate. In this case, let’s go with the Legendary and Epic crafting materials since they are the hardest to come by. For safety and economic reasons, sell only ONE unit of each. We also highly recommend saving your game at this point. We will not be held responsible for any corrupted game files or saves following this stunt.

#3. Proceed with the transaction like you normally do with the painting.

Same deal with the Space Oddity glitch.

#4. Exit the Drop Point

You should see the transaction reflected in your account. Cha-ching!

#5. Duplicate!

Now the crucial part. Head back to the Drop Point close enough to see the prompt to use it appear. Depending on the platform you are on, press the button/ key required to activate it, along with the one to open the menu where you load or save games simultaneously.

  • PC : Esc + sell key
  • PlayStation: Options + sell key
  • Xbox: View button (this is the one with the two squares overlapping) + sell key (Y)

If you hit these two buttons or keys at the right time, a transparent menu should appear. An easy way to identify this is by looking at the background. Instead of a solid black, it should be a transparent background with the Drop Point machine showing in the background.

If your first few tries do not yield this result, keep on trying. It takes a little coordination and timing but once you get this transparent background on-screen, you’re good to go for the next step.

#6. Buy them back

Now the fun starts. You can basically rebuy back these items you just sold in infinite numbers. Or at least, as your account allows you to. Remember when we said that the painting plays a crucial role? This is because, apart from the painting which costs 5 Eddies to buy back, the rest retain their price. So buying back the crafting materials would still cost you its street value.

However, purchasing these crafting materials replenishes the Drop Point’s cash reserve. So if you are able to balance selling and reselling of the paintings in bulk while also having access to a limitless amount of crafting materials, a little finagling takes you far in the Eddies department. So resell your unlimited paintings and repurchase the crafting materials to your heart’s content. Just keep a close eye on the rough estimate cost of each transaction so as not to put yourself suddenly in the red.

#7. Profit

Once you are done, exit the Drop Point. Your bank balance should dance around for a bit albeit fatter. The items obtained through this method should also immediately be reflected in your inventory. We do recommend you head back to the Drop Point the usual way.

You should see a crazy amount of balance cash reserve so do sell as many paintings as you can to maximize profit.

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  1. William Nuur

    December 27, 2020 at 11:13 pm

    This is a fantastic guide. I was looking for such guides all day long and this is probably the best guide I found so far along with this one to make great amount of eddies in Cyberpunk 2077. I would love to see more great guides to make my experience of playing this awesome game every better 🙂

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