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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – The Best Skills & Perks To Equip & Level Up

This list is still in development.

Despite its hardcore sci-fi and first-person shooter/melee trappings, Cyberpunk 2077 is still an RPG first and foremost. Numbers, equipment, and skills can mean a difference between life and death. Whether you’re good with the gift of the gab, or just like to go up close and personal as a cyber-samurai with your sword and evasion skills, there is no one way of dealing with troublesome obstacles and encounters in CD Projekt’s latest.

Before we get to the skills & perks, let’s list down the best sidequests you should focus on that offer both great XP (for more skills & perks) and a good story tacked onto it. Don’t worry; no spoilers here. We’ll be vague.

  • The Delamain Rogue Taxi Quest (Episthrophy). After the prologue, you’ll be pinged to get your car. After an incident that happens, you’ll be tasked to search for a number of rogue cabs all across the map. It’s worth the effort.
  • River Ward NCPD sidequest line (The Hunt). There’s a pretty great detective mystery story in this sidequest line.
  • The cops in V’s megabuilding. There’s a bunch of them talking to an apartment neighbour named Barry. Go for it.
  • Sinnerman: We can’t spoil this, but just get in the car with the guy in the orange jumpsuit, his cop chaperone, and the lady with the handphone. You won’t regret it.
  • Every Breath You Take: Help a pop star sift out a stalker. It’s a bit tense than the description, if we’re being frank.
  • Meet with Meredith Stout. You’ll get a…unique melee weapon if you agree to meet her at a hotel a few hours after the main story mission involving her.

While you’re at it, how about you check out our other guides:

So what are the best skills to have? Let’s list out the ones we know so far.


There are 5 attributes your character V can excel in: Body, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Intelligence, and Cool. Note that attributes can go up to level 20. Each attribute governs which perks you can unlock for their related skills and how high you can level them up.

Body affects your health and stamina. Skills: Athletics, Annihilation, Street Brawler

Reflexes affect your speed, agility, and reaction time. Skills: Rifles, Handguns, Blades

Technical Ability determines how much of a tech specialist you are. Skills: Crafting, Engineering

Intelligence measures your ability to solve complex problems. Skills: Breach Protocol, Quickhacking

Cool determines how well you hold up in crappy situations. Cool level also affects how quickly you gain experience for related skills. Skills: Stealth, Cold Blood.

Our only protip here is this: take your time distributing your skill points at the start of the game. There’s no rush. If you like guns, min-max Reflexes. If you want to punch or slice things to death, min-max Body. If you like to sneak around Adam Jensen style, put more points in Intelligence and Cool instead. Go nuts, depending on your playstyle.


Body – Athletic

Recommended: Regeneration, Epimorphosis, Like A Butterfly, Steel Shell, Wolverine.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 PACK MULE Increases your carrying capacity from 200 to 260. 1
1 TRUE GRIT Increases max stamina by 10%. 3
1 REGENERATION Health slowly regenerates during combat. 1
1 INVINCIBLE Increases max health by 10%. 3
7 EPIMORPHOSIS Health regenerates up to 70% of max health outside of combat. 3
7 SOFT ON YOUR FEET Reduces fall damage by 5%. 3
9 GLADIATOR Reduces damage taken while blocking by 20%. 2
9 STEEL AND CHROME Increases melee damage by 10%. 2
11 LIKE A BUTTERFLY Dodging does not drain stamina. 1
11 MULTITASKER Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding and vaulting. 1
11 DIVIDED ATTENTION Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding and vaulting. 1
12 CARDIO CURE Health regenerates faster when moving. 1
12 STRONGER TOGETHER Increases damage you deal while carrying a body. 1
12 TRANSPORTER Allows you to shoot and sprint while carrying a body. 1
14 MARATHONER Sprinting does not drain stamina. 1
14 HUMAN SHIELD Increases armor by 20% when grappling an enemy. 1
16 DOG OF WAR Increases health regen in combat by 15%. 2
16 WOLVERINE Health regen activates 50% faster during combat. 2
18 STEEL SHELL Increases armor by 10%. 1
20 THE ROCK Enemies cannot knock you down. 1
20 INDESTRUCTIBLE Reduces all incoming damage by 10%. 1
20 HARD MOTHERFUCKER When entering combat, armor and resistances increase by 10% for 10 seconds. +1% per Perk point. 1+

Body – Annihilation

Recommended: Dead Center, In Your Face, Pump It Louder!, Skeet Shooter, Poppin Off.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 PUMP IT, LOUDER! Reduces recoil of shotguns and light machine guns by 10%. 2
1 HAIL OF BULLETS Shotguns and light machine guns deal 3% more damage. 3
1 IN YOUR FACE Reduces reload time of shotguns and light machine guns by 20%. 2
7 DEAD CENTER Increases damage to torsos by 10%. 2
7 BLOODRUSH Increases movement speed while carrying a shotgun or light machine gun by 5%. 2
9 MONGOOSE Increases evasion by 25% while reloading. 1
9 BULLDOZER Increases crit chance with shotguns and light machine guns by 10%. 1
11 MOMENTUM SHIFT Defeating an enemy increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds. 3
11 MASSACRE Increases crit damage with shotguns and light machine guns by 10%. 3
12 HEAVY LEAD shotguns and light machine guns knock back enemies with more force. 1
12 SKEET SHOOTER Deal 15% more damage to moving targets. 1
14 MANIC When entering combat, your movement speed increases by 20% for 10 second(s). 1
14 UNSTOPPABLE Dismembering an enemy increases fire rate (cycle time) by 10% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. 1
16 SPEED DEMON You deal more damage the faster you’re moving. 1
16 BURN BABY BURN Doubles the duration of burn. 1
18 POPPIN’ OFF Shotguns have a 25% higher chance of dismembering enemies. 2
18 HIT THE DECK Increases damage to staggered and knocked-down enemies by 10%. 2
20 BIATHLETE Weapon spread does not increase while moving. 1
20 BLOODBATH Dismembering enemies reduces weapon recoil by 50% for 6 seconds. +1% per Perk point. 1+

Body – Street Brawler

Recommended: Crushing Blows, Dazed, Juggernaut, Rush, Unshakeable.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 CRUSHING BLOWS Increases damage from strong attacks by 30%. 3
1 DAZED Attacks have a 15% chance to apply stun. 2
1 FLURRY Increases damage from combo attacks by 30%. 3
1 JUGGERNAUT Increases armor while blocking by 50%. 2
6 RUSH Successful attacks recover 2% health over 2 second(s). 6
6 EFFICIENT BLOWS Reduces stamina cost for all attacks by 2%. 2
8 OPPORTUNE STRIKE Increases damage against enemies affected by stun by 50%. 1
8 HUMAN FORTRESS Reduces stamina cost of blocking attacks by 50%. 1
10 REINVIGORATE Defeating an enemy with a strong attack restores 10% stamina. 3
10 PAYBACK Increases damage by 1% for every 1% of missing health. 3
12 BREATHING SPACE Increases stamina restored while blocking by 50%. 2
12 RELENTLESS Successful attacks against enemies affected by stun restore 20% stamina. 2
15 TRASH Strong attacks reduce the target’s armor by 30% for 10 second(s). 1
15 FRENZY Defeating an enemy increases damage by 100% for 10 seconds. 1
18 UNSHAKEABLE Successful attacks against enemies affected by stun restore 5% health and 5% stamina. 3
18 BIDING TIME Blocking attacks restores 5% health. 3
20 GUERRILLA Increases crit damage by 60% for 10 seconds after entering combat. +2% per Perk point. 1+

Reflexes – Rifles

Recommended: Covering Killshot, Riflejock, Executioner, Duck Hunter, Long Shot.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 EAGLE EYE Quickens rifle aiming by 10%. 3
1 TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Quick melee attacks with rifles deal 50% more damage. 2
1 RIFLEJOCK Increases damage with rifles by 3%. 3
5 COVERING KILLSHOT Increases crit chance with rifles by 10% when firing from behind cover. 2
7 BULLSEYE Increases rifle damage while aiming by 10%. 1
7 EXECUTIONER Deal 25% more rifle damage to enemies whose health is above 50%. 1
9 DUCK HUNTER Increases rifle damage to moving enemies by 10%. 2
9 SHOOT, RELOAD, REPEAT Defeating an enemy with a rifle reduces reload time by 20% for 5 seconds. 2
11 FEEL THE FLOW Reduces reload time for auto and semi-auto rifles by 10%. 2
11 NERVES OF STEEL Increases headshot damage with sniper rifles and precision rifles by 20%. 2
12 TRENCH WARFARE Increases rifle damage by 5% when firing from behind cover. 2
12 HUNTER’S HANDS Reduces recoil with rifles by 20% when firing from behind cover. 2
14 NAMED BULLETS Increases crit damage from rifles by 35%. 1
14 SKULL SKIPPER Each headshot reduces recoil with rifles 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. 1
16 RIFLE WRANGLER Reduces recoil on rifles by 10%. 1
16 BUNKER Increases armor and resistances by 15% when shooting with rifles from behind cover. 1
18 IN PERSPECTIVE Increases crit damage on rifles with mounted scopes by 2%. 1
18 LONG SHOT Rifle damage increases the farther you are located from enemies. 1
20 SAVAGE STOIC Increases rifle damage by 35% when standing still. 1
20 PUNISHER After defeating an enemy with a rifle, weapon sway is nullified and weapon spread does not increases for 10 sec. +0.2 sec per Perk level. 1+

Reflexes – Handguns

Recommended: High Noon, Desperado, Rio Bravo, Long Shot Drop Pop, A Fistful of Eurodollars.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 HIGH NOON Increases crit chance with handguns by 4%. 3
1 DESPERADO Increases damage from handguns by 3%. 3
1 GUNSLINGER Reduces reload time for handguns by 10%. 3
1 RIO BRAVO Increases headshot damage multiplier with handguns by 10%. 3
7 ON THE FLY Reduces equipping and unequipping time for handguns by 25%. 2
7 LONG SHOT DROP POP Increases damage to enemies 5+ meters away by 15%. 2
9 O.K. CORRAL Deal 50% more damage with handguns to enemies whose health is below 25%. 1
9 STEADY HAND Redcues recoil from handguns by 30%. 1
9 VANISHING POINT Evasion increases by 25% for 7 seconds after performing a ddoge when holding a handgun. 1
11 FROM HEAD TO TOE Increases damage to limbs with ranged weapons by 7%. 2
11 A FISTFUL OF EURODOLLARS Increases crit damage from handguns by 10%. 2
12 ACROBAT You can now dodge while aiming a handgun. 1
12 GRAND FINALE The last round in a handgun magazine deals double damage 1
14 ATTRITIONAL FIRE Firing consecutive shots with a handgun at the same target increases damage by 10%. 1
14 WILD WEST Removes the damage penalty from handguns when shooting from a distance. 1
16 WESTWORLD Increases crit chance by 10% for each mod installed on the handgun you’re using. 1
16 SNOWBALL EFFECT After defeating an enemy, fire rate (cycle time) for handguns receives a 5% boost for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. 1
18 LEAD SPONGE Enables you to shoot with handguns while dodging. 1
20 BRAINPOWER After a successful headshot with a handgun, crit chance increases by 25% for 5 seconds. 1
20 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY After a successful crit hit with a handgun, damage and armor increases by 30% for 5 seconds. +1% per perk point. 1+

Reflexes – Blades

Recommended: Roaring Waters, Slow and Steady, Sting Like A Bee, Flight of the Sparrow, Deathbolt.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 ROARING WATERS Strong attacks deal 30% more damage. 3
1 SLOW AND STEADY Armor is increased by 50% while moving. 2
1 STING LIKE A BEE Increases attack speed by 10%. 3
1 CRIMSON DANCE Combo attacks have a 10% chance to apply bleeding. 2
6 FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW Reduces the stamina cost of all attacks by 30%. 2
6 UNSTOPPABLE SLASH Increases damage delivered while blocking by 200%. 2
8 SHIFTING SANDS Dodging recovers 15% stamina. 3
8 STUCK PIG Increases bleeding duration by 1 second(s). 3
10 UNBROKEN SPIRIT A successful deflect recovers 25% health and stamina. 1
10 BLESSED BLADE Increases crit chance by 20%. 1
12 BLOODLUST Recovers 7% health when applying bleeding to an enemy or hitting an enemy with bleeding. 2
12 FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY Dodging increases damage dealt byx 50% for 10 seconds. 2
15 JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER Damage is increased by 50% against targets with max health. 3
15 FIREY BLAST Increases damage against a target by 1% for every 1% of health they are missing. 3
18 DEATHBOLT Defeating an enemy recovers 40% health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds. 3
18 CRIMSON TIDE Bleeding applied by blades deal 300% more damage. 1
20 DRAGON STRIKE Increases crit damage with katana by 25%. +1% more damage per Perk point. 1+

Technical Ability – Crafting

Recommended: Workshop, Scrapper, True Craftsman.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 Mechanic Gain more components when disassembling. 1
5 True Craftsman Allows you to craft rare items. 1
5 Scrapper Junk items are automatically disassembled. 1
7 Workshop Disassembling items grant a 5% chance to gain a free component of the same quality as the disassembled item. 3
9 Innovation Effects from crafted consumables last 25% longer. 2
9 Sapper Crafted grenades deal 10% more damage. 2
11 200% Efficiency Crafted clothes gain 2.5% more armor. 2
11 Field Technician Crafted weapons deal 2.5% more damage. 2
12 Grease Monkey Allows you to craft epic items. 1
12 Efficient Upgrades Grants a 10% chance to upgrade an item for free. 1
12 Ex Nihilo Grants a 20% chance to craft an item for free. 1
14 Let There Be Light! Reduces component cost of upgrading items by 10%. 2
14 Cost Optimization Reduces component costs of crafting items by 15%. 2
16 Waste Not Want Not When disassembling an item, you get attached mods back. 1
16 Tune-Up Allows you to upgrade lower quality components into higher quality ones. 1
18 Iconoclast Allows you to craft legendary and iconic items. 1
20 Cutting Edge Crafted legendary weapons automatically get one stat improved by 5%. 1
20 Crazy Science Increases the sale price of crafted items by 10%. +1% per Perk point. 1+

Technical Ability – Engineering

Recommended: Mech Looter, Can’t Touch This, Bladerunner, Bigger Booms.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 Mech Looter When looting robots, drones and mechs, there is a 25% chance of looting a weapon mod or attachment. 3
5 Grenadier The explosion radius all grenades is visible. 1
5 Can’t Touch This Grants immunity to all effects from your own grenades. 1
7 Shrapnel All grenades types deal 20 damag ein addition to their normal effects. 1
9 Lock And Load Increases Smart weapon reload speed by 5%. 2
9 Up To 11 Allows you to charge Teach weapons up to 75% capacity. 2
9 Bladerunner Increases damage to mechanical enemies by 20%. 2
11 Bigger Booms Grenades deal 5% more damage. 5
12 Lightning Bolt Increases crit chance with Tech weapons by 3%. 3
12 Tesla Increases the charge multiplier for tech weapons by 25%. 3
14 Gun Whisperer Fully charged Tech weapons do not shoot automatically. 1
14 Insulation Grants immunity to shock. 1
14 Ãœbercharge Fully charged Tech weapons deal 50% more damage. 1
16 Play The Angles Ricohcets deal an additional 50% damage. 1
16 Fuck All Walls Tech weapons discharge 50% faster. 1
18 Lickety Split Tech weapons reload time is reduced by 15%. 2
20 Superconductor Tech weapons ignore armor. 1
20 Jackpot Grenades can now randomly deal crit hits. 1
20 Revamp Increases damage from Tech weapons by 25%. Charge damage is increased by 10%. Increases charge damage by 1% per Perk point. 1+

Intelligence – Breach Protocol

Recommended: Mass Vulnerability, Advanced Datamine, Almost In!, Total Recall.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 MASS VULNERABILITY Unlocks the Mass Vulnerability daemon, which reduces the physical resistance for all enemies in the network by 30% for 3 minute(s). 2
1 BIG SLEEP Unlocks the Big Sleep daemon which disables all cameras in the network for 3 minute(s). 2
5 ADVANCED DATAMINE Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of eurodollars acquired from access points by 50%. 2
5 ALMOST IN! Increases the breach time for Breach Protocol by 20%. 2
7 EXTENDED NETWORK INTERFACE Automatically highlights nearby access points. 1
7 MASS VULNERABILITY: RESISTANCES Upgrades the Mass Vulnerability daemon, reducing all resistances for all enemies in the network by 30%.
9 DATAMINE MASTERMIND Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of components acquired from access points by 50%. 2
9 TURRET SHUTDOWN Unlocks the Turret Shutdown daemon, which disables security turrets in the network for 3 minute(s). 2
11 TOTAL RECALL The ICEpick daemon reduces all quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s). 1
12 TURRET TAMER Unlocks the Turret Tamer daemon, which sets the status of every turret in the network to friendly for 3 minute(s). 2
12 DATAMINE VIRTUOSO Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the chance to acquire a quickhack from access points by 50%. 2
14 CLOUD CAHCE Completing Breach Protocol restores RAM unites equal to 1 times the number of daemons uploaded. 2
14 EFFICIENCY Uploading 3 or more daemon in the same Breach Protocol increases cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by 25 unit(s) per 5 seconds. Lasts a few minutes. 2
16 MASS VULNERABILITY: QUICKHACKS Upgrades the Mass Vulnerability daemon, causing enemies in the network to also take 30% more damage from quickhacks. 1
16 TOTALER RECALL The ICEpick daemon reduces all quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s). 1
18 HACKATON Uploading 3 or more daemons in the same Breach Protocol shortens quickhack cooldowns by 25% for 5 minutes. 2
20 COMPRESSION Reduces the lengths of the sequences required to upload daemons by 1. Cannot be reduced below 2. 1
20 BUFFER OPTIMITATION Increases the duration of daemon effects by 100%. 1
20 TRANSMIGRATION Increases the breach time of Breach Protocols by 25%. +2% per Perk point. 1+

Intelligence – Quickhacking

Recommended: Bloodware, Biosynergy, I Spk, Weak Link.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 BLOODWARE Quickhacks deal 10% more damage. 3
1 BIOSYNERGY Allows RAM to recover during combat. Recover 1 RAM unit(s) every 10 seconds. 3
5 HACKER’S MANUAL Unlocks diagrams for crafting Uncommon quickhacks. 1
5 I SPY Reveals an enemy netrunner when they’re attempting to hack you. 1
5 FORGET-ME-NOT Eliminating a target affected by a quickhack instantly recovers 1 RAM unit(s). 1
7 WEAK LINK Reduces the required cyberdeck RAM for quickhacks used on devices by 1 unit(s). 3
7 DAISY CHAIN Eliminating a target that was a quickhacked reduces the cooldown for all other active quickhacks by 10%. 3
9 SIGNAL SUPPORT Increases quickhack duration by 30%. 2
11 SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE Quickhacks deal 50% more damage to unaware targets. 2
12 DIFFUSION Quickhack spread distance is increased by 2 times. 1
12 MNEMONIC Reducesthe cost of quickhacks used against an enemy already affected by a quickhack by 1 RAM units. 1
12 SCHOOL OF HARD HACKS Unlocks diagrams for crafting advanced quickhacks. 1
14 PLAGUE Quickhacks that spread can jump to 1 additional targets. 3
16 CRITICAL ERROR Quickhacks can now deal crit hits based on your crit chance and crit damage stats. 1
16 HACKER OVERLORD Unlocks diagrams for crafting specialized quickhacks. 1
18 ANAMESIS Available cyberdeck RAM cannot drop below 1 unit(s). 1
20 OPTIMIZATION Reduces the cost of quickhacks by 1 RAM unit(s). 1
20 BARTMOSS’ LEGACY Unlocks diagrams for crafting superior quickhacks. 1
20 MASTER RAM LIBERATOR Increases RAM recovery rate by 50%. +1% per Perk point. 1+

Cool – Stealth

Recommended: Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Assassin, Strike from the Shadows.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 CROUCHING TIGER Increases movement speed while sneaking by 20%. 1
1 SILENT AND DEADLY Increases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking. 1
5 HIDDEN DRAGON Allows you to perform a lethal or non-lethal aerial takedown on unaware targets. 1
5 DAGGER DEALER Allows you to throw knives, hold L2 to aim and press R2 to throw. 1
7 ASSASSIN Deal 15% more damage to human enemies. 1
7 STRIKE FROM THE SHADOWS Increases your crit chance by 15% while sneaking. 1
7 LEG UP Movement speed after a successful takedown is increased by 30% for 10 seconds. 1
9 SNIPER Increases damage from headshots fire from outside combat by 30%. 2
9 CUTTHROAT Thrown knives deal 30% more damage. 2
11 BLIND FURY You cannot be blinded. 1
11 CLEAN WORK You can pick up an enemy’s body immediately after performing a takedown by holding [KEYBIND]. 1
11 STUNNING BLOW Quick melee attacks with ranged weapons stagger enemies, giving you an opportunity to grapple them. 1
12 GHOST Detection time is increased by 20%. 2
12 FROM THE SHADOWS Upon entering combat, crit chance increases by 25% for 7 seconds. 2
14 COMMANDO You cannot be detected under water. 1
14 VENOMOUS FANGS All knives apply poison. 1
14 RATTLESNAKE Enemies affected by poison are slowed. 1
16 SILENT FINISHER Enemies with less than 25% Health are defeated instantly by thrown knives. Does not work on enemies with a lethal threat level. 1
16 HASTY RETREAT Temporarily boosts movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds when detected by an enemy. 1
16 SILENT AND DEADLY 2 Increases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking. 1
18 HASTEN THE INEVITABLE Deal 20% more damage to enemies affected by poison. 1
18 CHEAT DEATH When your health drops below 50% reduce all incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once per minute. 1
18 NEUROTOXIN Damage from poison is doubled. 1
20 NINJUTSU Sneak attacks with melee weapons deal 100% more damage and guarantee a crit hit. 1
20 TOXICOLOGY Increases the duration of poison applied to enemies by 5 seconds. +0.2 second per Perk point. 1

Cool – Cold Blood

Recommended: Cold Blood, Will to Survive, Critical Condition, Rapid Bloodflow, Defensive Clotting.

Level Perk Effect Perk Levels
1 COLD BLOOD After defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 10 seconds and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 times. 3
5 WILL TO SURVIVE Increases all resistances by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
5 ICY VEINS Reduces weapon recoil by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
7 CRITICAL CONDITION Increases duration of Cold Blood by 5 seconds. 2
7 FROSTY SYNAPSES Reduces quickhack cooldowns by 3% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
9 RAPID BLOODFLOW Increase health regen inside and outside combat by 0.5% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
9 DEFENSIVE CLOTTING Increases armor by 1% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
11 COLDEST BLOOD Increases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 1. 1
11 FROZEN PRECISION Increases headshot damage by 50%. 1
12 BLOOD BRAWL When Cold Blood is active, increases damage with melee weapons by 5%. 2
12 PREDATOR Increases attack speed by 1% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
12 QUICK TRANSFER Reduces quickhack upload time by 1% per stack of Cold Blood. 2
14 COLD AND CALCULATING Landing a crit hit has 25% chance of applying a stack of Cold Blood. 1
14 BLOODSWELL When your health reaches 45%, a max stack of Cold Blood is automatically activated. 1
16 UNBREAKABLE Increases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 1. 1
16 COOLAGULANT Stacks of Cold Blood are removed one by one, not all at once. 1
18 PAIN IS AN ILLUSION When Cold Blood is active, reduces damage taken by 5%. 1
20 IMMUNITY When Cold Blood is active, you are immune to bleeding, poison, burn and shock. 1
20 MERCILESS When Cold Blood is active, increases crit chance by 10% and crit damage by 25%. +1% Crit chance and +3% crit damage for each Perk point. 1+

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