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#13. Carrion (PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

In Carrion, you get to relive your dreams of being an 80s sci-fi monster taking down those pesky humans trying to contain your existence. For 5 hours or so, you control the ever-growing biomass as it kills its way to freedom out of the underground lab it’s locked in.

There’s really not much of a story here, but that’s the whole point: you’re just playing a power fantasy, and it’s a damn good one at that. Carrion stands out as one of this year’s indie gems for being moody and atmospheric, bloody, and challenging when it comes to navigating the map and controlling your ever-evolving pustulating mass of terror.

As an addition, we should give props to the team for making said creature move, wriggle, sneak, and creep so horrifyingly vivid, with so many frames of smooth animation dedicated to its fleshy exterior, maws, and tendrils. It’s enough to make most people’s skin crawl.

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