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She-Hulk Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nexus Mods Removes Marvel's Spider-Man Anti-Pride Flag Mod: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Nike Air Force 1 Street Fighter III Celebrates EVO Moment #37: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil In Me Drops This Fall

Coming this November from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil In Me opens its doors to a whole new cast and terrifying story. This trailer gives a short but disturbing tour of what’s to come for its unsuspecting cast. The Lonnit Entertainment TV crew receive a pressing and mysterious phone call from a...

Psychological Horror Game DarKnot Drops On Steam Early Access This Year

Indie game studio DarKnot Team has announced that their game DarKnot will be launching on Steam Early Access sometime in 2022. DarKnot is a third-person, non-linear psychological horror game experience, focusing on a high level of detail and immersion. The game's world is gloomy and terrifying. DarKnot is set in a labyrinth made from the streets...

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel Haunts Cinemas Next Winter

It's going to be the most wonderful time of the year for Ghostbusters fans, both young and old. The Spengler family from Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be returning for a sequel, obviously titled Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2, on 20th December 2023, a few days before Christmas. The sequel will continue the story of said family, featuring Callie (Carri...

The Black Phone Delivers Some Stephen King-Like Scares

At its best, The Black Phone feels like a Stephen King movie, but that's not coincidental. It's based on a short story of the same name by Joe Hill, who's actually the son of the legendary Stephen King and also a great author in his own right, with famous works such as Locke & Key (which is now a Netflix series). Director Scott Derrickson is...

The Quarry Is Supermassive’s Best Interactive Movie Project Yet

Platform(s): Xbox Series (version reviewed), Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4 Genre: Interactive horror movie from the same guys who did Until Dawn 2K Games' and Supermassive Games The Quarry proves that it's hard to try new things when the latter's reputation precedes you. And that's OK if you're really good at it. Look at Blizzard and RTSs and MMOs bef...

Witch Strandings Lets You Explore Digital Forests Next Month

Publisher Modern Wolf and developer Strange Scaffold has shown off some gameplay of its upcoming adventure game Witch Strandings. As you can tell, it involves a digital-looking forest and a ton of exploring where you control a strand of light in a top-down view. You'll need to use your mouse to swipe quickly through raging rapids or inch forward...

Welcome Back Stranger Things, We’ve Missed You

Is it possible for a long-running show to eventually run out of steam? With the 1980s-period drama scifi horror Stranger Things series, anything is possible. Though for a lot of people expecting the show to run out of plot avenues, you won't find anything to grasp onto for your argument against the show. Stranger Things 4 is entertaining and sti...

New Psychedelic Horror The Chant Coming Fall 2022

Brought to you by Prime Matter and Brass Token, The Chant is a new third-person action horror game slated to release later this Fall. If you are a fan of games such as Until Dawn or House of Ashes, then The Chant seems like it's going to be right down your alley. Set at a spiritual retreat on a remote island, The Chant has you trying to s...

Stranger Things Season 4 Allegedly Costs US$30 Million Per Episode

Netflix sure has a lot of money to spend, especially in light of recently canning its animation department. The focus seems to be on the fourth season of Stranger Things, which is dead-set on being the most expensive season of the sci-fi horror 80s show yet. According to a Wall Street Journal report, each episode allegedly costs US$30 million. ...

David Cronenberg Returns To Body Horror With Crimes Of The Future

The master and one of the fathers of the body horror genre, David Cronenberg, has returned with what looks like another disturbing and gross (in a good way) movie, Crimes Of The Future. Cronenberg already made a movie titled Crimes Of The Future back in 1970, but this 2022 film won't be a remake of that movie. Cronenberg is best known for body h...

2K Games’ The Quarry Can Play Itself As A Film; Here’s How

Recent hands-on previews of the upcoming interactive horror game The Quarry, made by developer Supermassive Games, show off some nice scares and a nifty feature for non-gaming fans. Horror fans can turn on the game's Movie Mode, where the entire game plays out like an 8-hour movie with no gameplay. The catch is you have to predetermine the perso...

Quantum Error Story Teaser Features Firefighting & Cosmic Horror, We Think

TeamKill Media has released a new story teaser for its upcoming horror FPS title Quantum Error. All gameplay footage on the trailer below is on a PlayStation 5 running in Unreal Engine 5. Here's an overview of the game, which features firefighters and cosmic horrors unfathomable. "When the Monad Quantum Research Facility—30 miles off the shor...

Supermassive Releases Trailer For New Teen Horror Game Called The Quarry

Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, Dark Pictures Anthology) has announced a new title they're developing with publisher 2K Games: a new horror game called The Quarry. It's set in a summer camp at a place called Hackett's Quarry. And yes, there are pissed-off denizens in the Quarry aiming to kill the teens. You play as each of the nine camp counsell...

Silent Hill Creator Explains What The Heck His New Game Slitterhead Is

Keiichiro Toyama, the man behind Silent Hill and Gravity Daze/Rush, will be making a new horror game alongside his company Bokeh Game Studio called Slitterhead. But what it is really apart from a Game Awards 2021 trailer and a potential slur for something? In a new Q&A video from Bokeh Game Studio, Toyama himself, CTO/game director Junya Oku...

Nope Trailer Teases Jordan Peele’s Mysterious New Horror Movie

Universal Pictures and Jordan Peele have unveiled the first trailer for the director's new movie since 2019's Us. Simply titled Nope, the mysterious new horror movie is slated to release on 22 July 2022 in the United States. However, Peele has chosen not to reveal any plot points about the upcoming movie, just like his previous two movies. Both ...

Ghostwire: Tokyo Confirmed For 25 March, Gets February Showcase This Week [Update]

Great news for PC and PlayStation 5 action-adventure fans: Tango Gameworks' latest horror-laced title will be out pretty soon. As predicted earlier, Ghostwire: Tokyo will be out for PC and PS5 on 25 March. In addition, there will be a showcase for the game on PlayStation's YouTube channel later this week on 4th February, 6am GMT+8. We'll most li...

This VR Horror Game Binds You To A Wheelchair

A new VR horror game will be heading to Steam that has a unique twist on its own. Indie game developers ALIEN Studio will be releasing a horror VR game called Deadness on Steam VR. Here's the twist: you’re wheelchair-bound. Deadness takes you on a journey where you find yourself confined to a wheelchair in a gloomy old research facility, ...

Hidden Deep Plays Like a Fleshed Out Flash Game and Nothing More

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Genre: 2D side-scrolling survival horror shooter in caves Hidden Deep has all the pretty bells and whistles that would’ve blown my mind if it was a flash game that came out 10 years ago, when flash games were my only access to games at the time. Despite that, a lack of depth i...

The 30 Best Games Of 2021: #5

Every day this week, we'll be revealing our top 30 games of 2021. Here's number 5.  #5. Inscryption Platform: PC The hype surrounding this surprise indie game is warranted: Inscryption is a really great meta-game about the nature of video & analog games. Far from us spoiling the actual premise of the title; it's best you go digging ...

First-Person Horror Game Insomnis Launches Its Long Night Edition

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) and Path Games have announced that Insomnis Long Night Edition is now available on PS4, PS5 and PC. Set in a mysterious mansion where strange things will haunt you, Insomnis has been developed as a part of the PlayStation Talents project. In Insomnis, players will have to solve riddles and...

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