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We’ve had our fair share of Southeast Asian-made horror games these past few years, with Dreadout, Fires At Midnight, and Short Creepy Tales: 7pm being the ones that stand out. We might be getting another one in 2021 with Dying Flame. 

Made by Malaysian indie studio Roundtable Games Studio, this narrative-driven 2D horror game is made in RPG Maker MK and features a heavy emphasis on narrative, as well as psychological and emotional horror involving anxiety, stress, and fear. Players control a man named James, who is trapped in an unknown mansion and is looking for his missing wife. He has a lighter that is his only source of light in the dark mansion. Basically, if it’s pitch black, you’re dead.

Here is the indie game’s feature list (via its recently-opened Steam page):

  • A horror atmosphere wherein players solve puzzles based on clues found in the house.
  • Gather the items needed to solve puzzles, and unlock the full story
  • You can save, but whether or not you save, will test you, stress you and give an understanding of an addict’s craving.
  • Death haunts your every step from the darkness.
  • A sudden plunging death is possible with one misstep.
  • Headphones *strongly* recommended.

Dying Flame will be out on 22nd March, 2021. You can play the demo here on the studio’s page.

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