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Bravely Default 2 Guide: The Best JP Farming Spots

Bravely Default 2 is a really tough and challenging JRPG throwback. But with a lot of time and diligence, you can eventually conquer the story and get all the endings. The only way to do that with grace & style is by using all the Jobs you get in the story mode.

With 24 Jobs at your disposal, that equals to a lot of Job Points you need to get the skills you want, the passives you need to equip, and quite a long way to master the Jobs you want to main. You can either plough through the main story and grind to get the JPs, but you can take the JP farming route and max out a Job or two in less than an hour.

We’ve found three spots where you can do that. Watch the video below to see what they are. 

Spot #1 (Chapter 1)

The first area is a dungeon north of the first town Halcyonia.

Head inside the dungeon, take the teleporter to this section, and herd the enemies all the way to this corner, then attack them. Chaining encounters like this will boost up the JP you earn in that single battle.

You can start spooking enemies if you’re stronger than them. Once you’re done with the Prologue and if you can access the second town Savalon, the one with all the sand, you should be able to spook them in this dungeon.

Spot #2 (Chapter 2)

The tower dungeon in the third town, Wiswald, the one with the Scottish accents, has a similar spot where you can herd enemies into a corner, ripe for chaining and fighting.

You should be able to do this if your party is level 28 and above.

Spot #3 (Chapter 3)

You can only access this in the 3rd Chapter when you can enter the fourth town Rimedhal, the one with the snow and dragon. The farm spot is at a dungeon called Jaws of Judgment; you’ll be visiting this in the course of the story.

Before approaching the area, just make sure to have two thieves in your party all maxed out. Give them the Magpie, Spearhold, and Rob Blind support skills. Equip them with spears, and with Thief’s Gloves; you can get the latter from Rimedhal’s store. And if you can, give them Solar and Moon passives from the White and Black Mage jobs for a boost in Luck regardless of the day cycle.

Go to the second dungeon Jaws of Judgment, go to this spot with the three chests. You have to open the top one. The encounter from this nasty surprise chest will pit you against 3 angry spirits and 2 big wiki wikis.

DO NOT KILL THE ENEMIES IN THIS GUARANTEED ENCOUNTER. Instead, steal from the big wiki wikis to get four Medium JP orbs. Then use Flee to run away.

The Spearhold passive along with your equipped spears will guarantee the Thieves to take the first turn. If you run away from this fight, the chest will remain closed. This means you can start farming JP orbs if you keep this chest unopened and its enemies unharmed. If you do it right, that means you get 900 JP per minute. So just repeat until you get 99 JP orbs or something.

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